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Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

Day 5 – Friday

Ena: I am kind of wearing a dress today.  That’s all I have to say on the subject.

Ok, Friday.  The first week is over.  I survived.  Instead of dwelling on the nervous nauseous feeling that I get when I think about Monday – day six – I will focus on the positive things that came out of this first week…there were some, right?  No, seriously, I’m thinking.

I’m not going to lie, this week has been far more challenging than fun, and I feel as though I’ve spent much of it uncomfortable, insecure, and disgruntled.  Valuable lessons have been learned though, so I guess it hasn’t been a complete fiasco.  I have learned not to plan too much or too little.  I have learned the tremendous benefits of getting out of bed just a half an hour earlier.  I have learned that I cannot accept a compliment.  And, I have learned that it is really difficult to wear stripes.  Really.

These are all lessons that I will take with me into next week with the hope that it will be just a little less difficult, though I’m not counting on it.  After this first week, one thing is clear; this will definitely be a project.  But, I guess I shouldn’t sound so down, I don’t want to give off the wrong impression.  I am terribly optimistic.  I really am.

Bina: I took a big fashion risk for me today – COWBOY BOOTS.  These boots were a hand-me down years ago from a lady who said that every girl from Texas should own cowboy boots.  I haven’t worn them in years.  I changed shoes several times before I decided, the hell with it, I’m wearing these goddamn cowboy boots and so be it if I look like a Hee-Haw cast member.  I took down my ponytail.  Maybe that would help me look less like a hillbilly.  Okay, yes, that helped a little.

As I walked in the first gate at work, a man on some kind of large machine stopped, looked at me, and gave me the a-ok sign with his hand.  Whew.  I was fearing mockery on all sides, but everyone seemed to like the boots.  I think they go well with my dress – from the $20 rack at Native!  Ena assured me I didn’t look like I was on my way to a hootenanny and I settled into my look. And…I like my look today! I feel comfortable and cute – the best of both worlds, finally!

So week one is done, and I’m finding it easier to wake up earlier.  Time to clean out the closet this weekend and see what other potential treasures I might possess which haven’t been worn in some time.  I’m hopeful that at some point this will get easier for me, that getting dressed to impress will become second nature. I realize to some this whole process/blog seems frivolous and petty. There are far greater concerns in the world than what the hell two neurotic girls are wearing.  We’re just trying to jump start the passion back into our lives. And at least I feel passionate about that.


Inspiration: Renah

We thought that it’d be nice to use this blog to give props to the people in our lives who inspire us everyday with their own fashion or passion…or both. The one’s who’ll let us take their pictures, that is.

So, here is our wonderful co-worker Renah (yes, Ena, Bina, and Renah – deal with it) who has inspired us daily over the past two years with her amazing style. Renah comes to work every day looking completely put-together; well dressed, well groomed, fashion forward and always stylish. No kidding, every day. We often comment –in slightly envious tones – on how great she looks, and she is hands-down one of our biggest inspirations.

After explaining our project, we asked Renah to write a bit about her personal style, her motivations, and what looking good means to her. Thank you, Renah, for your endless inspiration…and for saying yes!


Renah: I’ve always loved fashion but I wasn’t always as put together as I should’ve been.  I grew up with a very stylish mother who made sure her clothes were always ironed or dry-cleaned and never had a hair out of place.  She didn’t allow us to leave the house “looking a mess” as she would say.  Our hair had to be combed and our clothes had to be clean.  Our clothes were always modest but for special occasions my mother made sure we looked top notch. For us looking good had nothing to do with fashion labels but just having the sense to do so.

Personally, for the longest time I didn’t consider myself to be “pretty” so I kept it simple. Baggy jeans, tees, sneakers, pony-tail, backpack, and baseball cap.  It wasn’t until college that I began to be more conscious of my appearance after my first real boyfriend love broke up with me.  I got a new hairstyle, bought a few new outfits and I felt better.  My logic was that although I may not feel great at least I can look good. But being in college sticking to this wasn’t always easy running from class to class and then dashing off to work afterwards made it harder to be consistent.

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