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Daily Archives: November 16, 2010

Day 7 – Tuesday

Ena - Day Seven

Ena: Today I decided to bring out some of the items from my purchased-but-not-worn collection.  I figured that they’d earned it, having spent many long and lonely months in the back of my closet.  I have owned both the jeans and the shoes for quite some time but have worn them each only once and never together.  I plan to have the jeans altered as they are very long and I am very short on tall shoes (and experience wearing them), and, because the sandal weather appears to finally be on its way out, I am glad that I decided to wear them together today.

I must say that I am enjoying feeling tall and not wobbly; four inch wedges are infinitely more wearable – and less painful – than four inch heels.  I do just have one question, how do you heel loving women out there drive?  Seriously, how?  Do you keep extra shoes in the car?  Is this where the term driving shoes comes from?  I am very curious.

There’s just one last thing, and I’m sorry if it offends you…well, maybe I’m not really that sorry.  I was perusing a few fashion blogs today (on my lunch break, of course) and I saw the phrase “real girl” in two of them.  Now, I’m not suggesting that these bloggers are not genetically female, just that maybe – with their Alexander McQueen rings, fabulous sponsors, and loads of free time and swag – they do not represent the average real girl; it’s either that, or I am considerably below average.   Now, Bina and I are both genetically female and – sans designer items, money, and free time or stuff – really quite average.  So, there you go.

Bina - Day Seven

Bina: I’m not thrilled with my look today. This was one of those humbling mornings wherein I realized how little I know about fashion.  I put on the outfit I had conceptualized in my head and discovered I looked like a 13-year old prostitute.  No bueno. Those over-the-knee socks are tricky business!  So I had to start over and I was running late and oh crap, I don’t have a THING to wear! Okay, I exaggerate but I got a little panicky. Anyway, I decided to try this dress and then I just didn’t have any more time to deal with it. So here I am.

The morning drive’s guilty pleasure song of the day was Katy Perry’s “Firework.”  Shut up.  I almost came to work dressed like a pre-adolescent hoochie, I may as well listen to the same music as one. I told Ena about my morning’s debacle and she was disappointed that I didn’t at least snap a pic, thinking that I was probably dressed like some of these tween fashion bloggers. But I’m not a tween fashion blogger, I’m over 30 and I like to eat.

Good news.  I got more responsibilities at work. Wait, is that good news or bad news? Also, the following information was leaked down to me. Big Boss Lady apparently asked my friend and Supervisor D, “Bina’s been dressing so cute lately – what’s going on with her? Do you know something?” Let the mind games begin. Not really. But I do think it’s funny.