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Daily Archives: November 18, 2010

Day 9 – Thursday

Ena - Day Nine

Ena: Wow. So, today I am wearing what is for all intents and purposes a pant suit; the pants and jacket were purchased separately and at different retailers, so I’m not sure if it technically qualifies. While I have worn the blazer a number of times, the pants are from the purchased-but-not-worn collection and I am happy to have finally taken the tags off. I suppose – ok, I know – that the reason I have not worn the pants until now is because they are quite long and require me to wear heels. Yes, besides the pant suit today I am also wearing three and a half inch stilettos. Who am I?

I feel like a cross between a member of the Men in Black, a corporate consultant, and some kind of federal agent, an odd mix that I’m finding to be embarrassing, empowering, and uncomfortable all at the same time. Today I have most certainly received more ogles, comments, and confused looks than on any other day since beginning this project. The whole thing is making me feel very anxious and confrontational. Also, it’s making my feet hurt, something which may be contributing to my confrontational attitude…it’s hard to tell.

One good thing to come from my wearing this getup, my boss commented on how “nice” I look. I can only hope that she is imagining me going to an interview on my lunch break, a thought which will cause her to worry about losing me, prompting her to give me a promotion along with a large raise. If this turns out to be the case, I will be very happy with today’s look. If not…well, maybe I’ll give it another shot; sore feet and a few confrontations are a small price to pay for getting ahead, right?

Bina - Day Nine

Bina: Today’s outfit is much more my speed.  But, strangely, I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to wear it until now. An ex-boyfriend (of which I have an impressive slew from relationships of various lengths and dysfunction) gave me this shirt one year for Christmas.  We were living in New York and didn’t have much money.  He went to a second-hand store and gave me a bunch of cool old ironic t-shirts as well as this Western snap shirt. I love shirt snaps! Who doesn’t? Anything that gives you the ability to rip open your shirt in one fell-swoop like a superhero is pretty cool in my book.  Anyway, I’ve held onto this shirt for a while even though I’ve only worn it maybe once.  It’s really big, but I never wanted to throw it out.  My solution today: leggings.  While I normally would fear that my ass is far too “out there” to be wearing this, I decided to just do it.  And I like it. A lot.  I’m SO comfortable, but I still feel kinda cute in that “I’m a teenage runaway who listens to Nirvana” kind of way.

I love my feather earring. And I love my angel wing necklace. I wish I had some leather strap bracelets, and I wish my boots were a little cuter. But other than that, I feel just fine about it. Onwards and upwards.