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Daily Archives: November 19, 2010

Day 10 – Friday

Ena : Today has been crap.  That doesn’t sound very good, but it’s almost completely true.  Nothing I tried on this morning worked out.  Once again, it was a case of, “a good idea does not a good outfit make,” a lesson I thought I’d sufficiently learned last Thursday.  Apparently my parents were right, I am quite stubborn.

I was running late, so I picked out a few old standbys, putting them together in a new way, and went out to start my car feeling completely defeated.  Try as I might, I could not get my car to start and after 20 minutes – that’s right, I said stubborn – finally had to admit that my battery was no longer with us.  Thinking quickly, I grabbed my phone to call Bina and beg for a ride, but, as my luck would have it, she had already sent me a text message alerting me to her fever and the fact that she would not be at work today.  Balls!

Long story shorter, I arrived at work not completely regretting my choice of clothes, which in the end had turned out to be a blessing disguised as a bad outfit.  I found myself surprisingly well equipped for this morning’s activities which included rooting around in my garage for a battery charger, applying said charger to my battery, traveling to no less than three auto repair shops, and waiting in the cold for a lovely and generous coworker to pick me up.  From thoroughly defeated to utterly delighted – with my outfit at least.

As noted, I am sans Bina today and all the worse for it.  Our office is a lonely place without her, and I find myself missing my source of consolation, humor, and inspiration…not to mention our blog’s administrator; cross your fingers I don’t bring the whole thing down in her absence.  Not to worry though, she should be back on Monday.  And – very exciting – she and I have a day of inexpensive shopping planned for this weekend, though I may have just blown most of my wad on a new battery.  Oh well, at least I can drive us around.