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Daily Archives: November 30, 2010

Day 15 – Tuesday

Ena - Day 15

Ena: The situation: it’s cold here now and I am feeling under the weather, and since our office thermostats seem perpetually set to a bone-chilling 62 degrees, a comfy and warm yet semi-stylish outfit was in order today.  The problem: how exactly to accomplish this surprisingly difficult feat with what little I have at my disposal.  The result: well…

I casually planned out my comfy, warm, semi-stylish outfit as I got ready for work this morning, but to my absolute shock and amazement – in case you didn’t catch that it was sarcasm, I am a repeat bad-plan-aheader – it didn’t work out so well when I actually had the clothes on.  As noted, this is not the first time that I have encountered difficulty when transitioning an outfit from my mind to my body, and the chaos that results from scrambling around at the last minute for something to wear has not been fun or pretty.

Maybe I’ll never learn not to plan ahead, but I may learn how to minimize the damage when I do.  This morning, to my absolute shock and amazement – nope, no sarcasm this time – after realizing that my mental outfit sucked, I disappointedly yet calmly selected something else.  No, that doesn’t quite cover it.  I actually assessed what I was wearing, figured out what else I could do with it, made a few key swaps, and left the house feeling comfy, warm, and semi-stylish…well…

Bina - Day 15

Bina: I feel a little better today.  My hormones are certainly up and down quite a bit, but I expect them to return to a place of balance in 5-7 days.  Otherwise, I want a refund.  From somebody.  Jeezum Crow, man, being a woman is tough sometimes.

I realized looking through my closet this morning that I would have a shit ton more options to wear if it was summer. I seem to have an affinity for flimsy sundresses.  Hopefully, it’ll warm up a bit, and I can break out a few. This is Southern California after all.  The blouse I’m wearing today was a gift and the blazer was passed down to me by my cousin The Doctor. Combined with my $10 Forever 21 skinny jeans and my trusty ol’ $30 Target boots, this outfit was a pretty decent bargain.  Come to think of it, it’s probably pretty rare I’m ever wearing an outfit that cost me more than $40. I guess my mama taught me how to hunt the cheap racks.

Have I told you I lost 10 lbs? Somewhere around there.  I certainly feel thinner.  And my jeans fit better, so that’s a bonus.  I’ve been doing yoga as regularly as I can.  Today my teacher asked me, and only me, if I wanted to work on doing the splits – hold your horses, I don’t think we’re quite there yet!  But I fear the main reason is that I’ve lost my appetite almost completely.  This is strange.  I’ve always loved food.  Well, scratch that.  There was a period in college when I was mostly obsessed with where and what my cheating boyfriend was doing at all times, so I wasn’t eating then either.  I know this lack of appetite is mostly attributed to my current anxiety-ridden state. I’m hoping that my appetite will return one of these days, although perhaps slightly less powerful than it once was…