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Day 18 – Friday

Bina - Day 18

Bina: Damn you, over-the-knee socks! I do not know how to wear you with my boots without it just looking like I’m wearing knee-pads.  Oh well.  I did the best I could.  This outfit was a purely spontaneous effort – I’m not sure if I look stylish or stupid, but here I am.

As I was locking the door to my apartment this morning, a gentleman I’ve never spoken to walked by and said hello. I thought either his head was going to spin off or he would fall down the stairs, he was staring so hard. Please note that I hate when girls brag to me about how often they get checked out or hit on, maybe because I am never that girl.  I am always the friend of the girl who is constantly getting hit on.  This is totally fine. I came to terms with that fact long ago, and have actually been quite grateful, considering the high ratio of douchebaggery present in most LA bars.  In fact, when I first moved to Los Angeles, my roommate Alexis and I made a game out of doling out Douchebag of the Day awards. Our first recipient set the bar pretty high.  We were waiting outside for a table at The Griddle, and this Douchebag was attempting to light one of those big gas heaters himself with a lighter. He called us “pussies” for backing up while his girlfriend sulked over her giant pancakes, which she most likely threw up a few minutes later.  Thank you, sir, for being our first Douchebag of the Day.

Anyway, I am only noting my observance of many more head-turning glances and better customer service since beginning this project.

I arrived at the office and discovered Ena was still out. Let’s all pray for her speedy recovery and return on Monday because I can’t take embarrassing photos all by myself! I made JP quickly snap this one for me.

And I got to do something pretty great today!  My company has awesome programs in place for volunteering and one of them is reading to kids on your Friday lunch break.  The Santa Monica Blvd. Community Charter School is right around the corner.  I walked over a few minutes early to pick out my books, and be-friended Mrs. Kim, the amazing Korean librarian at the school for the last 25 years. She insisted on feeding me, leading me firmly by my elbow across the cafeteria.

My reading partner arrived (who happened to be a fellow Longhorn) and we got to it.  The kids were so well-behaved and attentive, I couldn’t believe it.   Of course, I had an amazing time reading to those adorable children.   How could I not?  And when they kept asking me to read more books, I felt I’d done my job well. Mrs. Kim snapped some old-school Polaroids of me making crazy faces and then she asked me to sign one and gave me one to keep. Thank you, Mrs. Kim!  She also asked me to please come back soon.  And I will.

2 responses to “Day 18 – Friday

  1. Mieko Chauhan December 3, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    Stylish or stupid? Of course you look so stylish! And good job on reading for the children. I can picture you reading to them. I bet you made them really happy. :)

  2. christine December 6, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    Stylish for sure!

    That D-bag from the Griddle also thought he was such hot stuff for slipping the hostess $20 to get seated faster instead of waiting in line like the rest of us. Too bad he couldn’t contain his D-bagginess, so that everyone waiting in line got to see him in full D-bag action.

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