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Day 36 – Friday

Ena - Day 36

Ena: Today I am missing my partner in most things, Bina, who is out sick with the flu.  Luckily, our very stylish friend and co-worker Renah happily agreed to take my picture, something which was slightly less traumatizing than yesterday as there were fewer people out and about this morning.  I am going to keep today’s post short as I am sure I will need the bulk of my allotted “blog” time to update the site.  The last time Bina was out – the only time I was responsible for the day’s post – I had a little difficulty with the photos and the font size.  This could be a disaster.

I am wearing two of my Christmas gifts today, my new boots and a piece of clothing given to me by my Mother which completely blew my mind: jean leggings, or jeggings I think they may be called…maybe not.   After learning of my butt problem, my terribly clever and stylish Mother purchased these for me and I love them.  I believe that I gasped audibly after opening them, having never heard of such a thing – you have to remember that I haven’t followed the trends in a long time.  I wonder how many other new and wonderful fashion inventions there are that I am unaware of…I’m guessing quite a few.

Anyway, thanks to my genius Mother my butt problem has been solved and it feels as though the possibilities are endless.  Ok, maybe not, but it is pretty cool.  Today I am also wearing some kind of a cross between a cardigan, a shawl, and the bat suit which I found on the floor of my closet this morning; never worn and apparently abandoned by its hanger, I have no idea how long it had been down there.  On the whole I am fairly happy with my outfit today, and, perhaps more importantly, I am extremely comfortable, physically and otherwise.

One other thing that I am fairly happy with today is that I finally contacted the Los Angeles Public Library regarding their volunteer opportunities.  I have decided to participate in the GAB program which involves reading to children.  I myself am a voracious reader, something I attribute to my aforementioned genius Mother who made reading to my sister and me a priority.  I have toyed with the idea of going for my PhD in children’s literature, and I think that reading to children is an integral part of their development and education.  So, it looks like I’ll be taking a 4 hour training class on January 27th and then I’ll be certified to begin my career as a volunteer.  Something to look forward to, yay!


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