Passionless Fashion

transforming our lives by transforming our wardrobes

Day 37 – Monday

Ena: Well, it’s a new day.  It’s Day 37 – 100 days; what were we thinking? – and it certainly feels like a Monday.  Bina is still out with the flu and, as much as I miss her, I am glad that she is.  I’ve spoken to her twice and she sounds awful, so it’s good that she’s decided to quarantine herself in her apartment for some much needed rest, and I am praying for her triumphant and germ-free return tomorrow.

Besides sparing her co-workers her affliction, Bina’s hiatus from work is also good because it is forcing me to learn how this blog thing works.  I will not lie; Friday’s post did not go well.  My apologies to those of you who no longer see the menu on the right sidebar, that may have been my fault…we’re working on it.  But, I will not be discouraged, I will forge on, I will succeed…or at least I will try not to completely obliterate hundreds of hour of hard work.  I should be able to do that, right?

This probably goes without saying, but Bina and I did not make it out thrift-shopping this weekend.  Yes, I could have gone alone but I don’t trust myself, I need the second opinions of a trusted friend or there’s no telling what I would walk out of the store (or in to work) with.  I was however able to make it to Target by myself where I purchased this dress for twelve dollars, and I now have three dresses that I consider suitable for work.  Though this dress looks very similar to this one, I assure you they are quite different…well, kinda.  Believe it or not, we have a hard time capturing the details of our clothing with the iPhone – I know, it’s shocking – and often our outfits are much more complex and stylish than they appear…well, kinda.


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