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Daily Archives: January 11, 2011

Day 38 – Tuesday

Ena: This week will henceforward be known as Meeting Week: The Week From Hell.  In case the new name isn’t clear enough, let me spell it out for you: there are so many meetings scheduled this week that there is no time for me to do my actual work, making it necessary for me to skip my lunches and stay extra late and rendering this week almost entirely useless and thus hellish.  Just today, I have five and a half hours of meeting time scheduled.  Five and a half; it’s madness.  I’m sure you can guess how all of these meetings are affecting my allotted bog time, and I apologize if this week’s posts seem a bit rushed or thoughtless or lacking in cohesion. 

I am sorry to say that we are still without Bina who is still very much under the weather and who is now terribly missed.  We are all eagerly awaiting her return to the office, perhaps no one more than JP who in her absence has been recruited as my photographer and who for the past two days has had to deal with my somewhat less than enthusiastic attitude toward having my picture taken; still working on that one.  For JP’s sake if nothing else, I sincerely hope that she is on the mend and rejoins us before too long.

On a brighter note, I am very happy to report that against all odds I was able to get yesterday’s post, as well as today’s post about our lovely friend and inspiration Nicole, up with relatively little drama and without bringing the whole thing down.  And, believe it or not, I was able to determine what had caused the problem with the placement of the sidebar – other than my ignorance – and correct it.  Boo-ya!  I ended my day yesterday feeling like something of a computer genius – note: am now vigorously knocking on wood – and realized that technology really can be rewarding.  Who knew?

Inspiration: Nicole

This is our friend Nicole.  Nicole is always at the forefront of fashion and has an uncanny ability to discover the next big trend before it appears in magazines and on the internet; she is really quite something.  Nicole is never afraid to take fashion risks and continuously pushes the style envelope, inspiring us with her absolute fearlessness and bold choices.  Thank you Nicole for taking the time to tell us what motivates and inspires you, for your support of our project, and for being something of a fashion icon yourself.  Keep up the good work!

Nicole: I have a secret to tell you; I have a lover that gives me such joy and pleasure, the love that keeps me warm and makes me feel like no other.  Yup, you guessed it, it’s that wonderful thing called Haute Couture!!!  I’m in love with Fashion and I want to scream it from the top of the highest mountain.  This love began early in my childhood, when, at about the age of 5, I began watching my Mom.  I watched her get ready whether it was for work or just a day at the park with me, whether she was wearing knee high brown leather flat boots, a matching trench coat, and a turtle neck paired with a light brown gingham skirt, or just some high waisted jeans with a cashmere sweater.  She is and will always be my fashion icon.  Fashion is in my blood, it’s in my soul.  I have always tried to dress stylishly from Junior High with my Doc Martins and Depeche Mode t-shirt with a blazer and purple hair, to High school with my little fitted black dresses and slip on vans, to today wearing 6 inch heels to work and making sure everything I wear is day to night. I believe women should feel good about themselves and not allow anyone or anything to get in their way.

Besides my Mother, some of my other fashion inspirations have been Yves Saint Laurent, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Bridgette Bardot, Alexander McQueen, and, of course, music.  I am inspired every day by my surroundings, my emotions, and my life.  I have always strived to work in the world of fashion where I can talk about it, be around it, and live it. My determination has paid off, and it wasn’t easy but I’m here. Still, it isn’t easy figuring out what my next outfit will be; should I wear a dress or a skirt, boots or heels?  And I also have days when I don’t want to take off my husband’s t-shirt and Juicy velour pants, because I’m bloated or I just don’t feel like it.  But the feeling I get when I slip my clothes on and do my hair and makeup makes me feel so amazing that it’s worth it. My sister (the makeup artist) once told me, “You must do your makeup because you never know who you will run into.”  I take her words to heart every day – I just might run into David Beckham and he just might leave Posh for me because I look so damn good!!!  No, not really.  But, it is true, you never know who’s looking.  At work I always want to look professional because who knows who they are looking at for that next promotion. I know that may sound wrong to some, but have you ever seen someone in a high position wearing Juicy velour pants and their husband’s skateboard t-shirt?  I’m just saying.

When I was younger I didn’t care about trends and styles, I just wore what I wore and that was that. Now that I’m in my thirties – 31 to be exact – I feel like I need to be aware of and up to date on the trends and styles.  I read tons of fashion blogs including and, and magazines like Elle which is absolutely my favorite for women in their late 20’s and 30’s. Trends are hard to follow; not everyone can pull all of them off and some are strictly runway material.  For example, I’m short, so the over the knee leather boots style doesn’t work for me.  But that doesn’t stop me from trying to be stylish; I just look for trends that do work for me. You have to know your body too, and be comfortable with it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m totally comfortable with my body, but you have to know it so that you can learn what trends you are comfortable with and take it from there. Read more of this post