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Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

Day 40 – Thursday

Ena - Day 40

Ena: They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, I wonder what words today’s pictures bring to mind. Any suggestions? How about, “I hate meetings,” or, “I can’t even remember getting dressed this morning,” or, “Am I losing my mind?” or, “I hate meetings.”

Whatever these beauties are saying I can assure you of one thing, they are definitely not communicating the utter joy we felt upon exiting our building to take them after hours of meetings and testing, or the hysterics we were in as we snuck around trying to snap some good ones, or the riotous laugh attack that we had going through them once we were back in our office.

Days and weeks like these need things like this – little breaks, short bursts of uproarious laughter, new adventures – to remind us that we are, in fact, alive. Days and weeks like these remind me to be grateful that Bina and I decided to start this project. Because, no matter how busy we are or how drained we feel, this project forces us to get up, walk away from our desks, and experience something new…even if it is terribly upsetting, completely humiliating, achingly funny, or all of the above.

You may be shocked that, despite the madness of The Week From Hell, I still appear to be in a good mood; very out of character for me, I agree. As I mentioned yesterday, I would love to chalk this phenomenon up to my powers of positive thinking or some magical mantra that has helped me to keep my New Year’s resolution of remaining calm. But, I know the truth, the real reason for my positive attitude; my Mother is coming to visit for the long weekend! She arrives tonight, and I know that my excitement over her visit is the only thing that has kept me relatively sane and pleasant this week. I cannot wait to see her and I am really looking forward to the next four days…yay Mom!

Bina - Day 40

Bina: I learned the following story the way I learn most things – via Facebook.  My dear friend Laura’s seemingly eternally cheerful 3-yr old daughter, Sophie, was asked by her father one afternoon, “What is the secret to happiness?” Sophie calmly replied “Sadness.” And then I imagine she went on to build a Lego fort or something – although I don’t really know if kids still play with Legos or not.

I’m still sick.  My head is all congested and I’m all coughy and I’m cold and I want to go home.  This is probably the worst effort I have put into looking presentable for this project thus far.  Flog me! Okay, don’t flog me, it would hurt, and snot would probably come out of my nose.  Perhaps yesterday’s efforts to dress like the healthy little French girl were slightly premature but I did somehow feel better than I do today.   Today, my head and my throat are just so sicky that I couldn’t bear to be all dolled up and shivery.

But tomorrow is another day.  I have to go home and sleep more.  Hopefully, this flu thing will be all the way out of my system by next week because I have outfits to plan dammit.  Last night, in a moment of spontaneous energy, I put some ridiculous R&B station on the 1995 alarm clock in my room and played good old-fashioned dress-up.  It was kind of invigorating.  And then I got tired and chilly and wrapped myself back up in my flannel PJ’s and drank hot tea under the covers.

Sometimes we take happiness for granted.  Even a 3-year old knows it.  Sometimes we take our health for granted.  Now I know it.

And yes, meetings can be real ca-ca-poo-poo-heads.