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Day 52 – Wednesday

Ena: Sequins on a weekday…oh, why not?  I figured that Wednesday could use a little sparkle.  I have to admit that this morning I felt like I should be heading to a night club instead of work, though I suppose that’s part of the fun; who the hell wants to feel like they’re going to work?  No, I’m serious, who?  Tell me so that I can apply to wherever it is that you work.

I’m not sure who makes style rules or how they come about, but I see no reason why they have to be followed.  People should wear what they want, regardless of what societal norms dictate; that’s why it’s called personal style, right?  Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day, or color to a funeral, or socks with sandals…hmmm…on second thought, maybe there are some societal fashion norms that should be followed.  But, limiting the wearing of sequined clothing to the evening hours isn’t one of them, so I’m still good.

This is all sort of pointless really, but it does raise an interesting question; faced with wardrobe restrictions, how does one inject a sense of personal style into their day?  I attended Catholic school through the eighth grade, so I have some experience with wardrobe restrictions and the lengths that some people will go to to assert their individuality. 

For example, I used to wear multicolored high-top Converse with mismatched socks and funky spandex shorts under my plaid skirt (to show off my mad style while showing of my mad skills on the monkey bars).  I would pop the collar of my white polo shirt and roll up the sleeves of my wool sweater to reveal arms heavily adorned with all manner of friendship bracelets.  I know, it sounds horrifying, but don’t judge me, I was nine.

Bina and I are fortunate enough to work in an industry with a somewhat relaxed attitude toward dress codes.  Short of being indecent, we really are afforded the freedom to push the fashion envelope at work; though, we are just now beginning to take advantage that ability.  One of the major perks of this project for me is the opportunity to rediscover my personal style.  After decades of being a black-clad barista, a scrub-wearing hospital registrar, and a struggling student, I am finally remembering how good it feels to express yourself through your wardrobe.  Don’t worry, there are no multicolored high-top sneakers or spandex bike sorts in my future…at least, I don’t think there are.


One response to “Day 52 – Wednesday

  1. Maura February 7, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    Ena, you are too funny! I’m catching up on the posts from being out of the office last week…and this one literally made me laugh out loud! Good ol’ Catholic school days…aren’t you forgetting your oversize T-shirts??

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