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Day 54 – Friday

Ena - Day 54

Ena: Ok, so further to Tuesday’s post regarding my urgent need for an outfit emergency kit, today I would like to bring up another – ahem – pressing wardrobe issue; wrinkles.  This shirt was completely wrinkle free when I got into my car this morning, I swear.  However, arriving at work after a nearly one hour commute (barf!) during which I wore my seatbelt restrictively across the front of my torso and lap (duh!), I removed my tightly fastened coat only to discover that my formerly smooth top had more wrinkles than my neighbor’s shar pei (gasp!)…though, unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as cute.  What can I add to my kit that will remedy this problem?  Do they make retinol for clothing?  Help!

Also, further to Day 34’s post regarding the extreme difficulty that I have posing for pictures and my vow to try harder, let me just say that I am utterly embarrassed by my poor showing today.  Today’s pictures are crap (sorry, Grandma!); I look disgruntled and uncomfortable and I am completely ashamed.  Though I am unhappy with the way the pictures turned out, I cannot say that they do not accurately reflect my attitude today; I am disgruntled and uncomfortable.  The only explanation that I can offer is that I am currently suffering from an intense malaise particular to the female species.  I am trying to be delicate – we do have at least one male reader – but you should be able to get the drift; if not, to hell with you.  Intense malaise, right here.

I do have one positive piece of news to share today; I am signed up to be a Friday Reader for the next two weeks.  Wow, after typing that just now I was suddenly struck with a wave of anxiety induced nausea; let’s all pray that it dissipates by next Friday, I wouldn’t want there to be an incident.  Well, nauseous or not, next Friday I will finally begin what I hope will be my long career as a volunteer.  Unless I hate it, that is, in which case I will be free to continue pursuing my current hobby, watching Top Chef and falling asleep on the couch.  Again, I’ll keep you posted.

Bina - Day 54

Bina: As most of our office is away at a “retreat” in Palos Verdes, today Ena and I took the opportunity to venture outside the lot and headed to Larchmont to find some lunch.  I ordered a bowl of gazpacho and am happy to report that I ate the whole thing.  It was healthy and delicious and I’m so glad that I was able to enjoy it.  As I’ve generally only been able to take a few bites of anything before I find it repulsive, this was an important accomplishment for me.  Small sigh of relief.

It’s strange as I’ve only been taking a very, very small amount of the new medication for a couple of days.   (It’s Cymbalta – you know the commercials – “Where does depression hurt? EVERYWHERE.”  And then an un-walked dog gives sad eyes holding a leash in its mouth by the door.  Geez.)  I seem to be feeling much better though, whether it’s the meds or just the knowledge that I’m doing the right thing.  I still feel like myself but now I’m starting to feel like I’m not metaphorically lugging a giant bag of rocks uphill everywhere I go.  So fingers crossed – things could be looking up.

However, I don’t know what’s going on with my outfit today.  This is a long-ago abandoned Forever21 top, and the scarf was a gift from Japan.  I’m totally digging this scarf but have been trying to figure out what to wear it with – and I guess this was the best I could do.  Over the weekend, I need to do a little more rummaging through the closet, organize, and put together some ensembles – for warm or chilly weather.  I’m not sure what’s going on weather-wise here next week but I know we’re definitely not going to get snow, like Austin.  Or wait, maybe we will, and then we’ll know for certain that the world is coming to an end…

My plans for shark-like forward momentum this weekend include volunteer dog-walking tomorrow morning (that damn sad-eyed dog got to me!) and the meditation class I committed myself to last week.  I’m going! Tomorrow! It’s happening!  I also plan on screening Winter’s Bone tonight, and of course, Super Bowl festivities with friends – because friends are important.  Hopefully, I’ll be a little more fun to be around than I have been lately.


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