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Daily Archives: February 8, 2011

Day 56 – Tuesday

Ena: Today I am wearing a little black dress which I purchased a few weeks back for a ridiculously low price.  The dress is not perfect, it needs to be taken in under each arm; it’s an extra small and fits extra snug practically everywhere but there are these huge gaping arm-holes, I don’t get it.  Anyway, I thought that I’d wear it today to determine if it was worth the price of an alteration, and as I was getting dressed this morning I felt great.  I felt youthfully edgy yet somehow still classically chic, I felt stylish.  That semi-euphoric, ultra powerful feeling stayed with me for most of the day, right up until Bina emailed me today’s photos; since then I’ve just felt sick, foolish, disappointed, and impatient to get home and into my pajamas.  Don’t mind me, I’ll be alright.  I’m just having more terribly unhealthy and utterly fruitless feelings of hatred and disgust for my legs.  Baahhh!

Moving on.  Further to yesterdays post, I would like to add an item to the list of things that I intend to accomplish before next Monday: purchase a new dresser.  Besides my lower limbs, I am also currently having a dysfunctional relationship with my dresser, which, due to extreme age (and possibly some neglect), has cracked in various places and is holding the contents of its two lowest drawers hostage.  Well, not really, but they are extremely difficult, and slightly dangerous, to access and I have given up on them.  So, after many months of living without a fully functioning dresser, I have decided to purchase a new one.  I have no doubt that a new dresser is all that is standing between me and a completely organized closet, a fabulous wardrobe, and the life I really want.  Needless to say, I am very excited. 

Bina: Soooo, we got a little experimental with the photos today…please enjoy the below image of me leaping through the air and attempting not to twist my ankle.  Ena and I shared a good laugh over it – you may as well join us.

Alexis gave me this jumper a few months ago after she cleaned out her own closet.  She found a few items that were still really cute but that she realized she never wore anymore or ever wore for that matter.  And one of those never-worn items was this jumper.  I remember she said something along the lines of, “I guess I bought it at a time when I thought I might be the kind of person to wear a jumper but that was not the case.”  So she bestowed it upon me (along with a couple of other Her Trash/My Treasure items) to see if perhaps I was a jumper-wearing type of gal.  I just might be – I haven’t decided yet.  But you know what would make this jumper, and really just about any dress better:  pockets!  In my humble opinion, everything should have pockets – even ball gowns.

As for these tights, I have no idea where they came from.  I was rummaging through my highly-disorganized sock drawer looking for a different pair of patterned tights, and I came up with these.  I looked at them quizzically.  Seriously.  No idea where they came from.  But I thought, “what the hell, I’m running late, these will do.”  I have discovered that these are quite cheaply made, albeit cute, tights.  The crotch is not cooperating with me!  As I walk, I think to myself “saggy crotch, saggy crotch, saggy crotch” which I’ll admit sounds way more disgusting than the actual context in which I am thinking it. 

Walking to my office earlier, one of my male co-workers said “Look, it’s the newest cast member of Glee!”  I realized he was talking about me, and promptly became completely paranoid.  But I guess this jumper is very Lea Michele, with a little “sexy milkmaid” thrown in for fun. 

Oh crap! I have just now realized that we took a picture of me jumping in a jumper.  Sorry, y’all.