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Daily Archives: February 11, 2011

Day 59 – Friday

Ena - Day 59

Ena: Alright so, very busy here today, which sucks because I have so much to write about.  What I’ll do is just mention all of the things so that I remember to write more about them on Monday; sound good?  Ok, here we go.

I am wearing another pair of new shoes today.  I really like them a lot, they are colorful and have an interesting pattern, and they are very, very comfortable.  I am also wearing a necklace that comes from my purchased-but-not-worn collection.  Bina called it a “statement piece” and I do like it, though it is fairly heavy and keeps catching my hair.

Today Bina and I went to an elementary school near our office to read to some first graders as part of the Friday Reader program.  While the event passed without incident – I did not throw up on or in front of the kids, in case you were wondering – and was mostly enjoyable, it was quite nerve racking.  First graders can be very intimidating…and they smell like bologna.

I have been beating my brains out trying to figure out how to volunteer in an academic capacity during non-school day, non-work week hours for the LAUSD.  I am happy to say that I finally received some helpful information today and that I have some good leads; wheels are in motion.  Also, after a successful first-time-volunteer-reader experience I feel more comfortable with the idea and will register for the GAB training.

Is that it?  I think that’s it.  Oh, I did not forget about my list and I still plan on accomplishing every item in time for Monday’s post.  Wish me luck; I’ll no doubt need it…there’s sure to be a Top Chef marathon on sometime this weekend.

Bina - Day 59

Bina: Comfortable footwear was key today since, as Ena mentioned, we had to walk over to the Santa Monica Charter School to be Friday Readers during our lunch break.  It’s about a 10-minute walk but I really didn’t want to do it in platform heels so boots fit the bill nicely.  However, as we walked over in the LA February mid-day heat, I found myself getting a bit warm – well, probably the anxiety of soon reading to a large group of children was making me a bit warm as well. The awesome purple top is from a bag of sample goodies that my dear friend Christine bestowed upon me – a friend of hers who works for some Asian designer had given her a bunch of clothes and she was kind enough to share a few of the items with us, though I do still need to rummage through the rest of the stuff.  One other thing – I hate strapless bras (so much that it deters me from wearing tops that require them), but perhaps I just don’t have the right one. I’m open to suggestions.

Okay, from bras back to children – the kids were great, though the teacher did make them enter the library twice because they didn’t do it right the first time. Strict! But that’s probably what made them fairly attentive listeners.  Ena was awesome (despite her aversion to small children who smell like bologna) and I had fun reading a few classics such as If You Give a Moose a Muffin and Bad Dog, Marley! They seemed to enjoy all the books we read and applauded kindly after each, wanting more.

When we were all done, and the teacher was lining them up to leave, we waved goodbye and I thanked them for being such good listeners.  A cute, chubby little girl with a braid in her mouth came up to me and said, “I like your hair.”  I replied, “Thank you, I like your braid.”  And then, the whole class jumped on the bandwagon and there was a chorus of “I like your hair too!”  One little boy even said “I like how it goes like this” and then he made a swooping motion with his hand across his forehead.  Adorable.  Then, a little girl quietly whispered, “I like your boots.”  I thought, damn, who knew I’d get so much affirmation from first-graders!  I walked out of there feeling pretty great about my hair, my boots, and our humanitarianism for the day – even if I did now smell like recess.

This weekend, I am going to state one thing I really want to accomplish…some work on the second draft of my screenplay.  If I come back here on Monday, and I didn’t finish some scene re-writes…well…I guess I’ll just feel really badly about it. But seriously, I’m doing it.