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Day 60 – Monday

Ena - Day 60

Ena: Well, it’s Monday and love is in the air.  Alright, so it’s just cookies, cake, chocolate, and Chanel No. 5, but that smells like love to me.  I officially consumed my V-Day sweets quota at approximately 2:15 this afternoon, so there’s really nothing left for me to do today except endure the sugar crash until it’s time for bed.   That’s amore!

All kidding aside, I was very fortunate to receive some beautiful flowers from the man I love, which is better than any V-Day sweet that I can think of…except maybe for cheesecake, but no one ever gives cheesecake for V-Day so never mind.  Even though we are staying in tonight, I used the festive occasion as an excuse to wear a new dress which I purchased a few weeks ago and which I quite like.  I paired the dress with my new boots which I am still completely in love with; fairly apropos I think.

Further to last Monday’s post,  in which I included a list of things that I hoped to accomplish by today, and to the rushed mess that was Friday’s post, I will now revisit some previously mentioned topics with the intention of fleshing them out.  I made contact with a very helpful individual at the LA All School All Stars who will be getting back to me regarding weekend volunteer opportunities.   I also learned quite a bit about the Beyond The Bell program, including that it is funded by the No Child Left Behind Act which means that I need to contact (and join?) one of the federally approved agencies  in order to volunteer for the LAUSD during non-school hours; next step, more phone calls.

According to the good people at the LAPL, my assistance will not be needed until I complete the GAB training, so I have registered for the March 19th session and in the meantime I intend to continue volunteering as a Friday Reader.  I also revisited my list and I have decided that besides taking the free archery class – which we will do as soon as I can find a Saturday sans obligations – the next two tasks that I plan to tackle will be taking a cooking class and learning to knit.  Beginner knitting classes are Saturdays at 2, and there is a Thai cooking class that I am considering signing up for on either the 15th or 16th of March.

And, finally, I did make it out thrift-shopping this weekend; I was only able to make it to one location, however, because (oh my goodness!) thrifting can be very time consuming.  I did purchase what I believe are some good finds, but I have sent them all to the drycleaner to be de-thrift-stored, so I’ll have to wait until next week to model them; I’m sure the suspense will be killing you.  I know that I said finally, but I lied.  The only task that I was unable to complete by today was purchase a new dresser; I simply ran out of time.  No, I am not perfect or completely organized or able to accomplish all the items on my to do list…but at least I was able to make it through the entire weekend without watching a single Top Chef marathon, so that’s something.

Bina - Day 60

Bina: I had a very interesting weekend. Well, I thought so, anyway. I had a visitor in town. You see, this particular friend, well, he’s been a special friend for years. I highly doubt he’ll ever make it over to this blog to read this, but if he does, then I don’t think he’ll mind too much as a playwright and screenwriter from NYC himself.  We’ll just go ahead and call him code name: T.S. Eliot.

I’d say T.S. Eliot and I have known each other for about 7 years or so – we met back in New York and I was immediately attracted to his All-American freckles and East Village intellect.  It took him about a year to figure out that I existed and might not be repulsive to touch.  When he did, I was elated. The morning after our first intimate encounter, as I admired an art print hanging on his Lower East Side closet-sized bedroom wall, we made plans to see the Murakami exhibit at the MOMA that week. Predictably, I didn’t hear from him. And when I relented and texted him breezily the next Saturday, he informed me he was “strangely in DC” and leaving for Ireland the next day for the rest of the summer.  I ate a lot of junk food that day.  He’s Just Not That Into You wasn’t a movie yet; otherwise I probably would have been watching it.

Obviously, I got over it.  And when he returned at the end of the summer, I was in a very different place.  I was excited about so many things – leaving for Alaska to do a show for 4 months, moving to California the following year to start a new life.  When he reached out and wanted to see me, I thought, “Now that I know what this guy is about – I know exactly what he’ll be good for.”  I went out with him, we had an amazing time.  I told him he’d been kind of a jerk but I was over it.  I was happy about my life.  And I could tell that it suddenly made me way more intriguing – as it usually does. The boy did send me homemade brownies in Alaska.

Since then, we’ve continued a transcontinental friendship, as we have each woven our way into and out of a series of failed relationships.  We’ve learned a way of communicating that is direct and frank – sometimes embarrassing for one of us as we are not necessarily in the same place at the same time.

This Sunday, we were sitting on the couch, giggling and rubbing kitties’ bellies, when T.S. Eliot slid over close to me, and said, “Hi.” I started laughing a little, “Are you trying to make out with me right now?”  He said yes, and then I had the moment, you guys.  I had the Carrie Bradshaw moment where I started crying and I said, “I can’t.”

Instead, we played Connect Four, as he tried to tell me, “You know sometimes when I feel sad, that makes me feel better.” Well, he’s nothing if not persistent.  I asked him, “Why?! Give me a good reason why you want to make out with me.”  He said, “You’re cute.” I rolled my eyes and laughed.  I told him I realized after my last relationship ended, in which the affection had meant so much to me, that I am not currently interested in making out with someone for a “you’re cute” or “you’re here” or “you’re willing.” I was going to need better reasons, and I knew he couldn’t give them to me.

I kicked his ass at Connect Four as we chatted about love and relationships and writing. Then, he kindly left. And I was so inspired that I wrote 17 pages. Happy Valentine’s Day, T.S. Eliot.

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