Passionless Fashion

transforming our lives by transforming our wardrobes

Day 61 – Tuesday

Ena: Today I am wearing something black and boring and completely comfortable, and, while not a total failure of an outfit, it was a very lazy choice, not something I am terribly proud of.  For reasons unbeknownst to me, I have been violently tired this week, completely incapacitated by fatigue – today especially – and I am having a difficult time finding the energy to dress myself…to dress myself well, that is.  Sue me.

I am also finding it difficult, in my semi-comatose partially brain-dead state, to come up with enough words to write a semi-informative partially entertaining post.  Again, sue me.  I was able, however, to scrounge up what little life-force I had left for this afternoon’s photo shoot, and – I’m sure you’ll agree – the results are astounding, truly glorious.  And now that I am completely drained, I will curl up under my desk until it’s time to go home.  Alright, not really, but it sure sounds nice.

Bina: I have received no less than 10 compliments on my tights today.  Again, Alexis owned these for a while, before she decided, “Hey, I never wear these, want ‘em?” I did.  Then, I proceeded to never wear them for the next 4 years.  Nice.

But I’m wearing them today, dadgummit!  I have a newfound love, and I don’t care if it’s just for tights – I feel I’ve finally broken through to the other side.  I see tights for what they really are – a game changer.  These particular tights were a real conundrum.  It’s no wonder Alexis didn’t wear them – what should you wear burgundy argyle-patterned tights with?  I decided basic black was one way to go.  I have worn this tunic – from a 500 yen bargain bin in Tokyo – once before, and last time (Day 8!), I wore it over jeans with no belt and a shit-ton of Mr. T necklaces.  I suppose I’m learning how to use clothing pieces in completely different ways, so that’s promising.

Let’s see – what else to say today? Work’s been crazy, Ena’s jumping picture made my day, and….ugh, I got nothing. Yeah, intense malaise, right here, ladies. I think I’m about to tear this belt off right now and go eat a chocolate baby. 


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