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Day 63 – Thursday

Ena - Day 63

Ena: Today has been a pretty bad day. I woke up late, something I rarely do…though, I have done it twice this week already. I decided that I’d just arrive at work a little late – no big deal – and I was taking my sweet time until I remembered that (holy crap!) I had an early meeting with overseas people that I absolutely could not miss. Needless to say, it was a mad dash to get out of the house, who the hell cares what I’m wearing as long as I’m wearing something kind-of morning. No bueno.

I had planned to wear this top, which I really, really like, with something completely different, but oh well…no use crying over snooze-bar mishaps. My wild, hectic morning set the pace for the rest of my day which has been a complete disaster, a real doozie. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the rushed, ridiculous, nonsensical post; it’s bound to happen from time to time. We are, after all, workday bloggers, we have precious little time to think about, compose, or edit our posts, so on days like today it can be challenging to say the least. On second thought, I retract my apology…it could be much worse.

Bina - Day 63

Bina: So I’m wearing a white tuxedo shirt today (with Forever21 skinnies, a ring donated to me by my fabulous cousin, and a metallic belt from the Gap circa 2001), and though this may not seem that out of the ordinary, it is. Let me tell you why.

I don’t wear much white. It’s not because I’m not idyllically virginal; that’s just silly. It’s because I’m a klutz and kind of a slob. In fact, today, for lunch I smartly ordered the special: spaghetti with meat sauce. Smart, Bina. Good thinking. As I sat down at my desk to eat it and work, I remembered I was wearing this white shirt. And we hadn’t had time to shoot the pics yet.

I unfolded a napkin and tucked it into my shirt like I was a toddler – to hell with it. (Btw, I still wound up with a few tiny stray splatters. Because I’m awesome! Yeah!) Wearing white requires grace and delicacy and while I can be graceful at times, I can also very often drop things, trip over cracks, miss my mouth, twist my ankle, run into glass doors, etc. It’s almost like the very color of the shirt is teasing you in a whisper, “Go on, mess up just the tiniest bit – and I’ll tell the whole world.”

Damn you, White!!! (shakes fist in air)

Okay, I’m back. The other thing about this shirt is that I bought it at a thrift store in Atwater Village for my Halloween costume this last year. I was going to be Go-Go Yubari from Kill Bill but then I got dumped two days before Halloween sooooo I kinda wound up staying in. Despite the friendly invitations to get trashed or make out, at the time, nothing seemed less appealing than being around a bunch of drunk people in costumes.

This makes me think a couple of things. One – that seems kind of long ago. And two – now I think it was the right thing to happen, because it wound up sending me down this path, and maybe I needed to go down it.


2 responses to “Day 63 – Thursday

  1. Mieko Chauhan February 18, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Ena- I hope your early morning meeting went ok! :)
    Bina-Good story teller!! I was imagining the scene when I was reading, haha….. Here it goes!, positive thinking is working!!!

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