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Daily Archives: February 18, 2011

Day 64 – Friday

Ena - Day 64

Ena: The situation: wet, cold, and windy weather; an office thermostat perpetually set to 62 degrees; a 5 block walk to an elementary school to read to some kids.  The solution: wear something warm and waterproof which does not touch the ground and which is fashion-forward and stylish.  The results: hmmmm…

Seriously – and once again – I have absolutely no idea what I am wearing today, so, please, don’t ask.  While it does meet a number of the desired criteria, it certainly, and sadly, does not meet them all.  I bought these pants last weekend at the Goodwill for five dollars and I think that I will get a lot of use out of them…five dollars worth at least.  I picked up the rest of my Goodwill purchases – along with 17 other items – at the drycleaners this afternoon, so hopefully you’ll be seeing something new (and fabulous) next week.  A thorough closet cleaning-reorganizing extravaganza is in my future; I cannot wait.

It’s no secret.  I have been lethargic, grumpy, brain-dead, and pretty much incoherent all week; believe me, I feel completely off.  I don’t know what my problem is, and, you know what, I don’t really care.  I do know that we all have days, or weeks, or months (eek! say it ain’t so) like this, so hopefully most of you can relate.

I plan to spend this long weekend hibernating; I will read, I will nap, I will watch movies, I will eat, I will nap, and I will shake it off.  I hope to return on Tuesday feeling rejuvenated and looking fantastic with a positive go-get-em, can-do attitude.  Wait…maybe I’m setting my sights a bit too high.  Maybe I’m setting myself up for disappointment, better keep my expectations low.  Ok so, I hope to return on Tuesday…that’s it.

Bina - Day 64

Bina: Well, I think I played some kind of race card today, but it’s not any race I actually belong to, so hopefully it’s not offensive. But if it is, we’ll just consider it tiny payback for the casting of Memoirs of a Geisha. The dress is from the Goodwill on Hollywood Blvd, and I think someone homemade it in the early 80s.  The material is this super-cheap poly-rayon-blend-kinda-thing (I don’t know much about fabrics) but it’s quite see-through in most light and static cling is its best friend.  I arrived at work and realized I’d forgotten to put on a slip during my mad dash out of the house to make it to an early meeting.  Then, as I speed-walked from my car to the office, the static situation presented itself in full-force and I was left with Ena’s biker short problem.  There’s also some gaping in the seam on the top part of the dress, but I just tucked it into the belt and safety-pinned it together.  And I am wearing black tights with open-toed brown vintage shoes. I see people on fashion blogs doing it, but I’ve never really done it real life. I have no idea if it is tacky or cute. Yes, I am a real piece of work today.

I really, really like this one-of-a-kind dress, despite its character-building flaws. I actually wore it for the first time to an “Asian Persuasion” dinner party a few weeks ago, only to realize that I was the only person who dressed for the theme. That was a little embarrassing, but at least I matched the food and remembered my slip that night.

I actually wound up looking online at lunch for some kind of quick-fix to the static cling problem. One executable idea I found was to rub a little lotion into your hands and then onto your tights. This seemed to alleviate things slightly.  But I’ve mostly been keeping my legs together as much as possible (yeah yeah) and trying to stay out of the brisk (by LA standards) wind.  At least it’s overcast out there, but the fluorescents inside the office aren’t helping the sheerness situation.  I hope everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the show.

The rainy long weekend can’t get here fast enough because I’m nervously excited to get back to my screenplay, and I think this weather will provide the perfect backdrop for me to actually do it. And so I can go put some pants on.