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Daily Archives: February 22, 2011

Day 65 – Tuesday

Ena: Well, the long weekend is over.  It’s Tuesday, and I’m back…that’s it.  I’m not quite sure what went wrong this weekend, but I have returned neither rejuvenated nor looking fantastic and my attitude is pretty much crap.   I am not as tired as I was on Friday though, which means that I probably don’t have chronic fatigue syndrome (you can stop worrying, Mom); so, some good news after all.

Though it wasn’t nearly as rainy or event-less as I had hoped, and though I was forced to leave my house far more often than I would have liked, this weekend wasn’t a complete bust; it was actually kind of fun.  We were able to spend some very quality time with some very good friends while eating some very fantastic meals, which is, in my opinion, the best way to spend time, the absolute tops.

So, what am I complaining about?  Well, I had absolutely no motivation to clean and organize my closet.  Many of you may think that this sounds completely normal.  You don’t know me.  I am a self-described organizational freak; I am freakishly clean and organized.  I cannot function in chaos, which is why I feel sick to my stomach every time I approach my closet.  It has become my dirty little secret, my Picture of Dorian Grey, the darkest reflection of my self.  Even when not facing it, it plagues me, I cannot put it out of my head.  Something must be done.

Alright, maybe that’s a tad dramatic.  But, though it may not be eating away at my soul, my disorganized closet is most certainly (and severely) crippling my style, or my attempts to find some at least.  I would love to blame today’s boring outfit on my inability to locate anything in my closet, but, in the end, it all comes back to me.  I will not allow my closet to rob me of my inspiration or crush my good intentions any longer, I will do something about this…or, I will have to think of some more interesting poses for our photo shoots – the newly identified punishment for wearing a boring outfit.  This could get interesting.

Bina: Well, here we are on Day 65 – and dear lord, what were we thinking? 100 Days! I’m exhausted and the second act of this blog seems to be dragging a bit in my opinion.  Of course, whose fault is that?!! Whose?!! Well, I was really hoping I could blame someone else, but I guess it’s all my own fault.

Yes, my outfit is lazy today.  And, yes, my attitude was a lazy one all weekend.  I spent most of my time wearing sweatpants and catching up on my DVR. Not exactly the productive writing weekend I had envisioned.  I was, however, graced with a visit from my beautiful cousin Meena, her husband, and their adorably rambunctious 1-yr old, Rohan aka RoRo the Destructor. (He greatly enjoys sweeping everything off a table with his arm in one fell swoop.)

Also, as you can tell, Ena and I have synced up our fashion cycles, so to speak. This has happened on a few occasions throughout this project, and we never call each other to talk about what we plan on wearing. Please note that when we have accidentally dressed as twins, it is usually in some kind of gray/black combo.  What does it all mean? Well, nothing really, except that we like gray & black apparently, and somehow these outfits tend to be the easiest to throw together, perhaps? This jumper thing is from Forever21 about 5 years ago, and you’ve seen all the rest before.

I’m trying to learn to stop being so hard on myself because this is how I could wind up in a downward-shame spiral. “Oh crap, I didn’t do that” “I’m worthless” “I suck” blah, blah, blah. I think today’s photos are punishment enough. So I’m just going to say I had a restful weekend and I will continue to work towards my goals.  After all, as Liz Lemon would say, “It’s never too late for now.”

And there are a few people in this world who actually believe in me much more than I believe in myself, though I know that’s not the way it should be. (I should, after all, be my own biggest fan, right?) Well, one of those inspiring people is my gorgeous younger cousin, Raina. I want her know that I believe in her just as much as she always believes in me. Happy Birthday, Rainers! I love you!