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Daily Archives: February 23, 2011

Day 66 – Wednesday

Ena: Well, Bina is out sick today which is bad news for many reasons.  First and most obviously, being sick sucks, and I sincerely hope that she is feeling better and that I have the pleasure of seeing her tomorrow.  Second and far less important, she does not have the opportunity to see my completely non-boring – or, at least, my completely less-boring-than-yesterday’s-outfit – outfit.  Third and for purely selfish reasons, I do not have the benefit of hearing her comments, questions, or concerns regarding this getup; her opinion means a lot to me and it is terribly missed today.

You see, I think that I look alright today, but I never can be too sure.  I am wearing a pair of wide-leg powder blue trousers that I purchased at the Goodwill for five dollars.  I have since had them dry-cleaned and today is the first time that I have worn them out.  I had a rather difficult time determining what to wear them with, but, though I’m still not convinced that I made the best choice, I am not totally unhappy with the end result.  I do know that I absolutely love these pants, and I intend to purchase dozens more like them as soon as possible. 

Today I have been thinking about school and how much I miss it.  Yes, I said it; I miss school.  I love being in school (nerd alert!) and I have been thinking about going back, though I’m not sure how.  It’s difficult to explain and it probably sounds crazy, but, with the exception of all the pesky homework and unrealistic deadlines, I find school oddly calming.  After a mind-numbingly long, utterly pointless day at work I got to go to class and for four hours discuss things that actually interest me with people who actually care; I was challenged, I was forced to think, I learned

I was recently asked by a former classmate to edit his thesis, a request which I jumped at immediately and thoroughly enjoyed.  We met after I reviewed his work to discuss his project and other things scholastic, and during the course of our conversation I began to long for text books and assignments and lectures; sick, I know.  I need to exercise my mind, this is something that I know about myself and it is a large part of why I have been desperately searching for my passion since concluding my course work.  I am urgently in need of mental exercise; is it true what they say, if you don’t use it you lose it?  Well, I have to do something soon because I’d rather not find out.