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Day 70 – Tuesday

Ena: And now, without further ado, the moment I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for since…well, since yesterday.  I’d like to formally present the most exciting thrift-store find of my entire life: THE leather skirt.  Purchased at an unassuming little establishment in Palm Desert for a mere 14 dollars, this skirt was an unbelievable deal, a real once in a lifetime find, absolute perfection.  Insert wild applause here.

What, you may be asking yourself, is so great about a thrifted leather skirt?  Um, have you ever tried to find a black leather pencil skirt at a thrift store?  No?  Well, let me tell you, it ain’t easy, especially in Los Angeles.  I have been craving a skirt just like this since seeing one on a fashion blog back in November when we began this project, and now – joy of joys – I have one, a real one, and it didn’t cost me 300 dollars.

As unbelievably happy as I was to actually find a super cheap, not-too-short, vintage leather skirt in great shape that fits like a glove, I had absolutely no idea how to wear it.  I tried it on yesterday morning with no luck.  So, I woke up early this morning intent on making something work.  I think that I did a pretty decent job, I’m actually quite happy with the way this outfit turned out.

I am even happier though that I like the skirt as much as I hoped I would.  You never know how things like this will turn out – or, at least, I never do.  Sometimes an item in the mind is a far cry from an item on the body, and something I thought I couldn’t live without turns out to be something I can’t believe I bought.  But now, after having worn it once, I am positive that I will get a great deal of use out of this skirt, and I’m convinced that it just might go down in history as the best deal in the history of thrift-store shopping; that’s right.

Bina: I heard a whistle as I entered the cafeteria today.  I raised my sunglasses and looked around for the source. I turned and caught a man ogling my behind, and then saw my co-worker waving at me.  He exclaimed, “Umm, you look amazing! Look at you! Where are you going?!”

“Nowhere special,” I said. “Just steppin’ it up.”

“Well, keep it up, girl. You look incredible.”

I think our office has become mostly accustomed to the fact that Ena and I are no longer wearing pajamas to work, but every now and then, we’ll see someone who hasn’t been around in a while and surprise them.  Either that, or the outfit of the day will be so shockingly different that it will force colleagues to take notice. I remember the very first time I wore these Big Girl Shoes to the office, there was a huge hullaballoo about it.  And now, it’s just what I do. I walk around in Big Girl Shoes, and I barely even wobble anymore. (Though I do still have to take my time.)

I knew I wanted to wear this top today, a Christmas gift from Alexis, but I couldn’t decide what to wear on the bottom. I had planned on pulling out these brown Express dress slacks which have been hanging in my closet for about 7 years. (You may have noticed I don’t wear slacks; in fact, I don’t think I have worn slacks during this project even once!) I hadn’t even attempted to put this pair on in years because I couldn’t button them. But when I slipped into them this morning, I realized that the size 4 pants now practically fell off of my shrinking waistline.  So I went with the skirt. I LOVE this skirt. I bought it at a little hoochie store next to Grand Central in NYC probably about a decade ago, and it has journeyed with me until now.  I can’t believe I haven’t worn it in so long. I love the fit and the ruffle on the bottom – it’s so flattering.  I hope it lasts me another 10 years.

Case in point: A male co-worker just came in my office to tell me the following, “So I was walking to lunch and I saw you from behind and I thought ‘Who’s that movie star up there everyone’s looking at?’ You looked all glamorous in your heels with your long hair blowing and everything. And then you turned around, and I saw it was you. That’s all. Just wanted to tell you that.”

One response to “Day 70 – Tuesday

  1. Queen of Mayhem March 1, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    I’m jealous of your thrift store find!!

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