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Daily Archives: March 2, 2011

Day 71 – Wednesday

Ena - Day 71

Ena: Today I thought that I’d bring out the old pant suit, though this being only the second time I’ve worn it, I’m not sure that it qualifies as “old,” technically.  I wore the pants and blazer together for the first time on Day 9, and when I looked back at the accompanying post this afternoon I was reminded of just how far we (my co-workers and I) have come.  I no longer feel awkward, angry, or uncomfortable wearing outfits like this and they no longer feel it necessary to point, stare, or make comments when I do.  Yay for us.

In an attempt to spice things up and avoid being boring, I decided to pair the old pant suit with my (actually) old Proenza Schouler for Target short-sleeved sweatshirt, my super cheap Forever 21 high-heeled lace-up platform oxfords, and two watches; that’s right, two.  I was going for something professional but still youthful, hoping for the whole thing to come off as semi-stylish and fashion forward; I’m not sure if I accomplished any of that, but I did have fun trying.  Imagine that.

I’m not kidding, looking back at Day 9 really does show how far I’ve come; seriously, read it.  It seems unreal now, but 71-ish work-days ago I would never have been able to wear an outfit like this.  I am so incredibly happy not only that I can now wear the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear, but that I actually enjoy wearing them.  On Day 9 I never thought that I would enjoy putting an outfit together or that I would get a thrill from a thrift-store find.  On Day 9 I didn’t think that a few months of dressing well would make me feel confident and beautiful and proud.  On Day 9 I didn’t believe in myself.  On Day 9 I didn’t know anything.

Bina - Day 71

Bina: Today’s outfit was inspired by Kendie. I was referred to her blog by Sara and Cass. Oh, the wonderful world of fashion blogging and the tangled web we weave.  Anyway, I saw that amazing fuchsia skirt on Kendie and I remembered this blue one from my Goodwill trip a while back. I thought maybe I could try something similar. So I wound up wearing the skirt with my tuxedo shirt, the Goodwill Grandpa sweater, a big belt, and my trusty booties.  I am totally enamored with the bright color combination. (However, I am in no way a UCLA or Notre Dame fan; I’m actually a UT fan but burnt orange really doesn’t look good on anyone unfortunately.)

What was amazing about assembling this look was that I found myself starting to get excited about the idea of putting it together last night after I got home from dance class.  It felt good to be excited about the prospect of dressing up, of trying on different combinations and figuring out what would work. I’m feeling more capable of dressing myself now which I guess is a good thing since I’m 33.

In fact, I’m starting to feel more capable in general again. A few weeks ago, the “tire check” light came on in my Toyota Solara. This light usually indicates that my tires need air or there is a nail in one or more of them.  When my car alerted me of this, I took it into a Pep Boys with a clueless smile. The men there were extremely helpful and rotated my tires for free. They found a nail, put some air in the tires and told me that after I drove on the tires for a little while, the warning light would automatically shut off.  It did not.

I was paranoid that I might have more nails in my tires, and didn’t want to wind up stranded with a flat as I commuted to class in Anaheim, so I went to Pep Boys again over this last weekend.  I explained to the mechanic that the light was still on, and could they re-check my tires for nails?  He discovered that they had put TOO MUCH air in my tires (which he said was just as bad as too little) and then he tried to figure out how to reset the light on my dashboard.  He looked at the owner’s manual.  He tried hitting the reset on the odometer with the key in the ignition. No dice.  He finally gave up and told me to try driving on the tires again, and if the light didn’t go off, I should go to the dealer.

I took my car home, perturbed that this damn warning light was still glowing on my dashboard.  Then, I perused the owner’s manual.  I looked underneath the steering wheel, and there it was: the reset button. The warning light is no longer on.