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Daily Archives: March 3, 2011

Day 72 – Thursday

Ena: Ok, I’m pressed for time today, so this will be a short and likely nonsensical post.  Today I am wearing what is easily the most interesting pair of shoes that I own, what you would call statement shoes.  I bought them last weekend at the Goodwill in Palm Desert when I was out thrifting with my Grandma.  Upon walking up to the shoe racks, my Grandma immediately pointed and exclaimed, “Oh, look at those shoes,” so I did.  It’s hard to say whether I would have picked up these shoes on my own or not, but, after trying them on – and some convincing words of encouragement from my shopping partner – I decided to buy them.

Now, those of you who struggle with impulse-buy-syndrome (yes, I just made that up and no, it’s not to be confused with the other i.b.s.) will understand this, I have a long and unfortunate history of buying things that I think I love and that I intend to wear that ultimately end up literally collecting dust in my closet.  When I think of the money that I’ve wasted over the years – cover your ears, Mom – on clothing and shoes that I have never worn, I feel sick to my stomach, and I ardently hoped that these shoes would not become part of my extensive purchased-but-not-worn collection.

When I bought these shoes I imagined wearing them with all black – plaid booties beg to be worn with black tights – but when I put together my outfit this morning I had some second thoughts; it suddenly seemed odd and slightly irrational to want to draw so much attention to my feet.  But my boyfriend claimed to like the look, so I thought, “What the heck?” and headed to work.  I have received several compliments on these shoes today, these crazy, loud, 7 dollar, second-hand shoes.  The reaction has been amazing really, and I am so glad that I bought them.  So, the lessons to be learned from this are as follows: plaid is rad, shoes deserve a second chance too, and always listen to your Grandma – she knows what’s up.

Bina: Who am I? I look at these pictures today and I don’t even recognize myself. On Day 7, I tried on this skirt and knee-socks and then thought better of it and changed into something safer. If you go back and read that day’s entry, you will find that I was too embarrassed to wear this then. It seemed all too risky and crazy and attention-grabbing, and I was petrified of looking like a 13-yr old prostitute. Well, this morning, I set all those fears aside, and I went for it.

And I even threw in a hat for fun! Seriously, who am I?! I couldn’t decide if I liked the socks over or under-the-knee so we shot both ways. I think I prefer under-the-knee. Plus, Ena says I have nice knee-caps – whatever that means, pervert. People are definitely staring but I don’t care. The hat and sweater are purchases from Harajuku; the skirt, necklace, and socks are Forever 21; the boots are from Francesca’s; and the smile is all me! Hallelujah.  When we were taking the photos this morning, Ena and I started plotting future fashion ensembles and I thought it very strange that I was finding myself excitedly talking about finding a denim shirt and tweed blazer combo. It was also weird just how excited I was about the works of art that are on Ena’s feet today. And I’m excited and inspired to use my Forever21 gift card this weekend when I finally go shopping again.

In general, I’d say I’m just excited to be feeling excited about things again. Again, I say, hallelujah.