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Daily Archives: March 4, 2011

Day 73 – Friday

Ena - Day 73

Ena: Today I am wearing a vintage men’s plaid shirt – plaid two days in a row, I just realized – that I bought last weekend at the Goodwill in Palm Desert and a pair of vintage women’s jeans that I bought last month at the Goodwill in Glendale.  I was looking for a shirt just like this to pair with these jeans; ultra thin and soft, it doesn’t bunch or gape when tucked into the pants, it is extremely comfortable and I’m so glad that I found it.  I think that I like the way the whole outfit came off, though I do feel a bit like Howdy Doody meets the Beav, like a small boy (or hand puppet) from the 1950s.  Gee whiz.

After my last two thrift-store outings and my relative success putting outfits together as of late, I feel as though I may have finally overcome many of my fashion phobias.  Not only am I sure that I will continue to put effort into my appearance (I will never go back to dressing the way that I did before), but I no longer fear that I will fall into a style rut.  I am really, really enjoying this; I’m hooked.  Fashion, check.

This brings me to the downer part of my post (baahh!) and I am loath to admit it, but I am completely failing in the Passion department.  As reported in length on Day 60, I have attempted numerous times to obtain information about scholastic volunteer opportunities on the weekends whether as part of the LAUSD or a private organization, and, thus far, I have had no luck.  As previously noted, I am sure that I could become very passionate about education, I just need to get the ball rolling.  I need a little help people, I need some of my phone calls and emails returned; I am dying to help, throw me a bone here.

Other than volunteering, there are a number of activities that I plan to attempt with the hope of discovering my passion, the only problem is that many of them cost money.  As I am currently saving for an upcoming trip, I would prefer a free passion, at least until after the first week of April.  Next week I plan to research free activities available in Los Angeles and come up with a few that I can accomplish within the next month.  We’ve got a little less than 6 weeks left in our project…watch out passion, I’m coming.

Bina - Day 73

Bina: I don’t think I’ll ever be a morning person, per se, but I am getting better.  I don’t know if you’ve heard the Louis C.K. bit about waking up every morning, re-programming your brain about who you are and what your life is, and then just thinking, “ugh, okay, I guess” before finally getting out of bed. I don’t exactly feel like that anymore.  I’m somewhere between Louis C.K. and the guy on Friends who sings “Morning’s here! The morning’s here!”  Although something tells me I’ll never be quite that chipper at 6am.

Spring is in the air here in LA, so why not dress like it? I picked up this dress at a shop in Little Tokyo for $20, and the wedges were purchased on a whim while I was at Sears waiting for my eyeglasses to be ready. Yeah, Sears, I said it – they were cheap. It’s probably been about 4 years since I bought the shoes, and I think I’ve worn them at most a handful of times. Now my Chucks on the other hand, those puppies I’ve worn into the ground – really got my money’s worth there.

The backlot was a flurry of activity today as we ventured out for our daily photo shoot. Crew men yelled, “Say Cheese!” and asked to take pictures for/with us.  Tour groups drove by on carts, stared and took photos, probably confused that we may be celebrities. In general, we’ve gotten used to all this attention and have learned to ignore it or just smile and wave.  We’ve found ourselves feeling as if we are on a guerilla mission every day – it’s kinda fun actually.  You know, when it’s not completely mortifying.

The lot is a pretty fun place to work, I have to say. You never know when you’ll run into LL Cool J, and the free screenings are pretty rad. I may not be supremely passionate about the actual job I’m doing here, but the surrounding factors make it more than bearable. Of course, in this economic climate, I’m lucky to even have a job. However, since this project has begun, an opportunity to work in London has actually been dangled in front of me. While a few weeks ago, I was too anxious to even think of such a wildly bold move across international waters; now I can at least entertain the idea.

Lots to think about this weekend then, including how I’m doing on finding my Passions.