Passionless Fashion

transforming our lives by transforming our wardrobes

Day 74 – Monday

Ena - Day 74

Ena: Well, it’s Monday and I am wearing a skirt.  Since overcoming my fear of skirts, I have worn quite a few – not that I’m bragging or anything – but this one’s different.  This skirt is long and pleated, it has pockets in the front and back, it is a size 10.  Yes, that’s right, a size 10.  It is vintage though, and everyone knows that a vintage 10 is a modern 4, which really is still too big but not quite as bad.

The thing is, I really, really like this skirt; I like the color and the cut, I like the craftsmanship, I like the belt-loops and all the pockets.  When I bought it at the Goodwill I imagined wearing it high on my waist, cinched up with a red belt – I got this one at the same store for this exact purpose; I love the trumpet detail, it’s fantastic – all slouchy-hands-in-pockets style; I imagined this outfit.  But now that I have it on, I am torn between thinking that it looks really cute and thinking that it looks really big.  The jury’s still out, though I am loving slouching around the office with my hand in my pockets, it really is the best.

Further to Friday’s post and an aahhh-mazing tip that I received in a reader response (thank you, Pamie!), I am happy to announce that I have made contact with an organization here in Los Angeles that offers scholastic tutoring on the weekends; contact…with an actual person…imagine that.  826 LA is a non-profit writing and tutoring center (perfect!) with a location not too far from my house, and I am scheduled to participate in an orientation/training session on Saturday the 26th.  I am so excited, I can hardly wait.

Bina - Day 74

Bina: Well, it’s Monday again and there is a gigantic JACKASS playground being set-up right outside our building, complete with log slide, trampolines, sumo suits, and an enormous rubber wrecking ball.  Really, it’s sheer torture that I’m stuck in this office and can’t go outside and play. Damn you, Johnny Knoxville! This is somehow his fault.

Not that I’m dressed appropriately for that kind of raucous debauchery anyway; for today, today I dressed like a lady. I know it’s a bit more like a lady in a 1988 Banana Republic campaign, but a lady nonetheless. This is how I came to be wearing this very-unlike-me ensemble: Saturday, I watched 9 ½ Weeks for the first time ever. Yes, I know. But even more than being aroused by young Mickey Rourke, I found myself being incredibly turned on by Kim Basinger’s wardrobe. Weird.

When I went thrifting the next day, I saw everything with new eyes – Kim Basinger’s Eyes in 9 ½ Weeks – and proceeded to purchase a bunch of cheap items all inspired by the film.  Not to worry, you’ll be seeing the other new pieces peppered in throughout the week. (I know you were worried.) It was fun to shop this way actually. It was fun to know what I wanted. It was fun to have a vision. It was fun to be inspired. That is the whole point, after all.

This morning, when I entered the lot, a man on a cart slowed down next to me, and said with a smirk, “Good morning.” He looked me over as I responded curtly and then he was on his lecherous way. I don’t know what it was about this outfit that made him do that, but if he thinks he can blindfold me while feeding me jalapeños, he’s got another thing coming…


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