Passionless Fashion

transforming our lives by transforming our wardrobes

Day 75 – Tuesday

Ena - Day 75

Ena: Today has been a manic, meeting-filled Tuesday; I’m spent.  I suppose it’s better to be rendered brain-dead on a day – like today – when I’m wearing something pretty boring and have absolutely nothing new to report.  Sometimes I can’t believe that I’ve actually done this for 75 days, that I’ve actually put effort into my appearance and come up with something to write for 75 days.  I’m not delusional, I know that I haven’t exactly shined in either department every day, but, still, I am very proud of myself.

Earlier today I felt bad, like I was cheating or something, because I have worn this dress fairly recently.  I found myself hoping that I don’t become one of those people who wears something only once before becoming bored of it, someone who feels it necessary to update their wardrobe constantly; I don’t have the luxury to fear repeats, I’m poor.  I would love to write more on this subject, but it’s late and I am running to a meeting.  So, as it turns out, I am not shining physically or verbally today.  Thank God it’s Day 75 and I’ve learned not to care.

Bina - Day 75

Bina: Like I said, again I present my best interpretation of 9 1/2 Weeks. Sadly, I did not find a bowler hat at the Glendale Goodwill this weekend. I was, however, very pleased to find the tweed blazer (with suede elbow-patches) and the amazing skirt (with canvas belt) for a grand total of $20. I also used my Valentine’s Day Forever21 gift card from Mom to get these dirty brown oxfords, which are amazingly comfortable. And the wifebeater, oh yeah, that I already had lying around. It may not seem like the most obviously sexy outfit, but somehow that’s how it makes me feel wearing it. I dabbed on a little red lipstick, smudged on some black eyeliner, and disheveled my hair a bit to finish off the job.

When we were taking our guerilla photos today, a crewman heckled at me, “Jacket off!” And then he laughed almost maniacally as he strolled by carrying his ladder. Mortifying. Although not as mortifying as what Ena thought he said, which was “Jack it off!” So it could’ve been worse, I guess. Other than that weird thing, I’ve felt extremely confident all day, making eye contact and smiling at strangers, talking even to strangers. Oh, about nothing in particular really – which drink we’re going to choose at the soda fountain (Strawberry Fanta!), or why the world’s shmooziest mailman decided to shave his very white scalp. Trust me, our mailman is a trip. But it just feels good not to be hiding behind myself anymore, if that makes any sense.

I can’t believe that we’re on Day 75 – that we’ve actually kept this blogging thing up for 75 days. Don’t get me wrong; I know we ain’t curin’ cancer over here, and people have been blogging since before I even knew what blogging was, but still, yay us. Ena and I actually air-high-fived (because we’re dorks) across our office this afternoon as we discussed how happy we are that we’re actually doing something we said we were going to do. (Oh yeah, there was even a whole hare-brained “Ena and Bina Eat LA” video series that was going to happen at some point, people.)  And yes, I know we still have 25 days left to go, but I do already feel proud that while I was going through some of the lowest moments of my life, I’ve had enough faith in myself to keep this thing up. I think it’s helped to hold me up too.

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