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Daily Archives: March 14, 2011

Day 79 – Monday

Ena - Day 79

Ena: Well, as promised, today I struck some pretty remarkable poses, some real beauts.  There were several pictures that didn’t make the final cut, and by far the most entertaining part of today’s photo shoot was when I fell off of a dolly, landing squarely on my right butt cheek, limbs flailing.  The dolly shot out from under my feet, screeching loudly across the pavement, causing a concerned passerby to stop and stare as I rolled around on the ground in pain and hysterical laughter waving him off; it was all highly entertaining and definitely worth what is sure to be the biggest bruise of my adult life.

I really didn’t mean to (and really shouldn’t have), but this weekend I bought three dresses at Target.  In case you haven’t heard, Target is re-releasing the most popular dresses from the past five years of their guest-designer lines; it’s pretty major.  I picked up this Jonathan Saunders number, an intricately pleated Thakoon design that I hope I have the guts to wear before this project is complete, and a really fun pink and purple polka dot Zac Posen party dress that I plan to wear to a friend’s wedding this summer.

For reasons which I simply cannot explain, I envisioned wearing this dress with leggings and these shoes; I almost wore boots, but these seemed somehow more appropriate.  I bought these platform mary-janes a million years ago; they scream 1994, begging to be paired with a black velvet choker and a sunflower printed baby-doll dress…don’t worry, not gonna go there.

With the exception of a few Halloweens, I have not worn these shoes in over eight years, and the other day, as they fell on my head from their precarious perch atop my overextended closet, I very nearly threw them into my to-be-donated bag.  I guess I’m glad that I kept them – though I am sure that they are neither stylish nor fashion forward – and this anecdote serves as a good example of why I have a hard time parting with clothes and shoes…and also why my closet remains a chaotic mess.

Bina - Day 79

Bina: On Thursday night Pacific Time, as I was obliviously sitting in a speakeasy in downtown Los Angeles, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan. When I got home a few hours later from my first date in months, I turned on my laptop to check my email, which of course led to checking Facebook. It was my friend Katie’s status that alerted me to the disaster. The slight buzz that was leftover from a night out vanished, and I immediately turned on CNN and called my mother.

She told me that my Obaachan (grandma) was okay, that my aunt and cousins were okay; they were completely freaked out and scared, but they were safe for the time being. My grandma said that in her 80 years living in Japan, she’d never felt anything like it. She was on the phone with my mother when she said in Japanese, “Oh no, it’s happening again! I’m taking the dog to open, higher ground!” She lives just outside Tokyo in what the Japanese call a “mansion” though really it’s a giant skyscraper complex of tiny apartments. The apartment that my grandmother and aunt live in is on the bottom floor; they could just afford to buy it a few years ago. My Baba-chan (as I like to call her) was home alone when the first big quake hit, and as the aftershocks ensued.  I hated the idea of my grandma being frightened – my beautiful, always well-dressed Baba-chan who still bicycles and ballroom dances and doesn’t have a cruel bone in her entire tiny body.

My Mom was very calm on the phone though, and she said, “All we can do is pray.” So I did. And here is a list of many other ways in which to help the victims in a country I love with all my heart – Japan.

P.S. I am also glad that Ena is okay after her hilarious and yet painful looking fall today! Don’t play with dollies, kids – they are very dangerous! (although I am still laughing)