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Day 82 – Thursday

Ena: Unlike Bina, today I have nothing to blame for my poor attitude and even poorer outfit; it is completely my fault.  I’m not sure if it’s lack of sleep or the full moon or my aching feet, but I was in a wicked mood this morning.  It was bad, the phrase “bee under your bonnet” comes to mind…though I have no idea where that bee came from or how it got under my bonnet.  Needless to say, today’s pictures are a disgrace, a very poor showing indeed.  I vow to try much harder tomorrow.

On a more positive note, yesterday a co-worker who has just returned from 5 months working abroad stopped Bina and me in the hall to tell us that he had noticed a marked difference in, “the way you two dress.”  Mind you, this person left prior to the beginning of this project and has only been back in the office for 2 days.  Our external transformation has been so dramatic that this person who hasn’t seen us in almost half a year noticed it immediately; so, I guess it’s true, we used to look baaaad…but we don’t anymore. 

P.S. More positive news, I don’t really wear bonnets – it’s just a metaphor. 

Bina: Okay, now I am the complete bonehead today!!! Blurg. This morning, my alarm went off at 6:45am. I thought I hit snooze; I thought I only closed my eyes for a second…the next thing I know, I open my eyes and it is 8:57am and I am supposed to be at work by 9. Wait, actually today I was supposed to be at work at 8! Ugh, what a maroon. I can only blame intense malaise, gloomy skies, and my own rampant silliness for this blunder.

Once I awoke, I only mildly panicked, sent an email to the office, cursed the useless cats for not waking me, then started stumbling around trying to get ready. It would have been much simpler if I could’ve just thrown on some sweats and called it a day, but no. Somebody had the brilliant idea to do a fashion photo blog for 100 work days. As I was hastily brushing my teeth, I remembered it was St. Patrick’s Day.  “Okay, fine, I’ll wear something green then,” I thought as I approached my closet, having put no prior thought into today’s ensemble. I ripped this dress from the hanger and threw it on, grabbed some accessories, quickly ran a brush through my hair. And here I am, still somewhat discombobulated. I don’t have any make-up on except for the few strokes of mascara I managed, and my hair doesn’t even look like I brushed it at all. So I present to you my Day 82 look: The Girl Who Overslept That Needs Coffee And A Hairbrush.

4 responses to “Day 82 – Thursday

  1. March 17, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    OMG i hate when that happens, you close your eyes for like two seconds and then you wake up like 2hrs later. love the outfits, such an amazing blog

  2. Kate March 18, 2011 at 11:30 am

    Quite impressed that the two of you still managed to look that great with bee bonnet problems and oversleeping.

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