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Day 84 – Monday

*Ena is out of the office today.

Bina - Day 84

Bina: “Successful people wear silly hats.” That’s what Alexis and I decided within a few months of moving to Los Angeles. It seemed that everywhere we turned, at every brunch sidewalk cafe, every douchey and/or hipster bar, LA scenesters were sporting their finest fedoras, newsboy caps, berets, trucker hats, and bowlers – a veritable field day of silly hats. Now don’t get me wrong – I love hats. But I always feel a little silly wearing them unless it’s for a practical purpose such as keeping my head and ears warm in a New York snowstorm. As I get older, I am also starting to really appreciate being shielded by an over-sized sun hat brim on the beach.  So yesterday, it seemed fitting, as I was traipsing about in the mini-monsoon running errands, that I throw on my Target fedora to keep my head dry. The old-school tube socks are from a little store in the Glendale Galleria I recently discovered called Sockmania!; the scarf was a Christmas gift from The Gap, and you’ve seen the dress from Japan before.

I was so inspired by Andi’s amazing post on Friday that I felt like being ballsy and quirky, like dressing my inner superhero! To hell with feeling self-conscious! In fact, I enjoyed wearing this look around so much yesterday that I did laundry last night so I could wear the whole thing again today, Euro-style.

And now that I’m wearing a silly hat, success must be right around the corner!

3 responses to “Day 84 – Monday

  1. Mieko Chauhan March 21, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    I love this hat on you Bina! Looks so stylish!!

  2. Squibbohere March 22, 2011 at 6:04 am

    Another awesome outfit! Hat scarf socks kablam

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