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Day 86 – Wednesday

Ena - Day 86

Ena: Today’s post will be short, which is alright because I’m wearing a very boring outfit. I like to think of this as my ready-for-rain look, and since rain is coming I suppose it was an appropriate choice. I have said this before and I’m gonna say it again: I love these boots. These boots still rank as one of the best thrift store purchases I’ve ever made. Sturdy, comfortable, and waterproof, they are the essence of utilitarian-chic. In short, these boots rock – an appropriate adjective I think as they are referred to by my father as my Kiss boots…as in the band, not the action.

Besides the weather, comfort was also on my mind this morning as I pondered over what to wear.  I am headed to the Clippers game after work tonight, so in addition to warm and waterproof, I needed something unrestrictive with an expandable waist line – I love stadium food.  I probably haven’t mentioned it here before, but I love sports; I love to watch them, play them, yell at people I’m watching playing them.  I am very competitive, a personality trait that I often find embarrassing; getting worked up over a heated tennis match is one thing, getting worked up over a friendly game of Scrabble is another.  Over the years, I have tried to embrace those aspects of my character which I haven’t always been proud of, and though I’m still working on coming to terms with my competitive nature, tonight, at the Staples Center, I will be totally comfortable letting my freak flag fly…go Clipps!

Bina - Day 86

Bina: Honey! I’m home!!! I feel like Lucille Ball in this get-up, which is fitting since we work at a movie studio where she used to stage pretend play-dates with her children in front of a New York brownstone facade so that people would think she was home with her kids instead of being a workaholic. What era am I in anyway? 50s? 60s? I don’t know anymore; I’m like a time-traveling fashionista.

This Harriet Hale Original dress was jammed between some bathrobes at the Goodwill. It was so wrinkled that it looked like it must have been wadded up into a ball at some point, and it is missing every single one of its original buttons. But I thought I could make it work; it seemed like it just needed some TLC. I ironed the dress this morning, something I rarely do, and that seemed to make a pretty big difference, though whatever fabric this is makes it extremely prone to more wrinkles, so that didn’t last too long. As for making it work without buttons (until I take the time to sew on new ones), this dress is being held on my body by one bright red elastic belt, and a safety pin. I have managed to gather it in all the right places so you don’t see my hoo-ha or anything. All in all, I’m so glad I was able to see through its damaged facade to the beauty of the dress I thought was possible. I am enjoying my retro persona for the day.

Moving away from the retro, I just taught my mother how to Skype; I have been telling her for the last year that we should video-chat. She seemed to believe this whole idea was just complicated nonsense; a mythical thing I made up that wasn’t possible. Well, finally, one of her friends helped her download the software; my brother bought her a little camera to hook up to her laptop; and she’s learned how to answer a call.  However, there’s usually some technical difficulty on the first few tries.

“Mom! There’s no video! Did you hit ‘Answer’ or ‘Answer with Video’?”

“Oh! Call again!”

“Mom! There’s still no video!”

“I don’t know why? I hit the right button this time…”

“Is the camera hooked up?”

“Oh! Call again!”

“Mom! Move the camera! Now I just see the ceiling!”

And then I have a conversation with my mother’s eyebrows. It’s pretty great actually. After I got the latest update on my Japanese loved ones and hung up with her the other night, I closed my laptop and turned around. And then I saw it on the bookshelf staring back at me: my old, tattered copy of Japanese for Busy People.

8 responses to “Day 86 – Wednesday

  1. Maura March 23, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    For some reason I can’t post a comment on a specific photo today (or my brain is too fried from work to figure it out)…Ena, you look SO bad ass in the photo of you standing on the stairs in all black without the scarf (which I DO love by the way)!
    I’d be pretty scared if I saw you all fired up at the game! LOL

  2. Mieko Chauhan March 23, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    Made me laugh so hard, Bina! I acted like Lucille Ball when I tried to do skype with you. I need to borrow your outfit next time we do skype!! hehe… :)

  3. Queen of Mayhem March 24, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Bina– That dress is too cute! I think I’d hem it to a couple inches shorter, but that’s just me! Have you seen Mad Men?

  4. squibbohere March 24, 2011 at 11:54 am

    wow, you can’t even tell that dress is held together by sheer will.

    that belt is like a belt that trains other belts how to be belts.

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