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Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

Day 94 – Tuesday

Ena - Day 94

Ena: I can’t really talk about what I’m wearing today because I have no idea what it is…or what I was thinking when I put it on.  Oh, wait, that’s right – I wasn’t thinking when I put it on.  I am still recovering from my weekend trip to Las Vegas; I may still be recovering for the better part of the week.  Enough said.

Try as I might, I can think of no words sufficient enough to describe the time we had – not surprising as I am having a rather difficult time thinking in general today – and since the pictures will never see the light of this blog, you’ll just have to take my word for it.  It was a riotous time, copious amounts of fun were had by all…copious.

Believe it or not, this tank top is actually pink with very intricate silk detailing at the top, but you’ll have to take my word for that as well as the pictures do not represent it very well.  I found this belt and these shoes in my closet, threw on some accessories and there you have it.  I also have a scarf, but I forgot and left it in the office when we set out to take pictures this afternoon, so I guess it’s sorta moot now really…give me a break…I could be wearing pajamas…but I’m not.  Enough said.

Bina - Day 94

Bina: This weekend was filled with soul-soothing goodness. That goodness included recruiting my best friend to volunteer dogwalk with me downtown at Bark Avenue, eating imagawayaki (Japanese red bean cakes) under swinging lanterns in Little Tokyo, and an intense Buddhist meditation class at the Kadampa Center in Silverlake. I plan to tell you more about that meditation class another day, but for now, the fact that Ena is recovering from her debauchery in Vegas reminds me of another story that takes place in a casino.

I was visiting my folks in Texas over the holidays a couple years ago. One night, we were bored, so my Mom, brother, cousin Raina, and a family friend all decided to make our own good time; we drove to Oklahoma to play the slots. Granted, it’s Oklahoma, so I’m fairly certain our experience in that casino was nowhere in relation to Ena’s weekend in Vegas. But we got dolled up anyway. Well, the girls did. I think my brother put on a dress shirt.

Once inside the casino, I was ahead of my Mom because I’m a fast-walker; maybe it’s all that time I spent living in New York, but I don’t dawdle when I’m walking somewhere. My mother says that I was, in fact, strutting. Anyway, she caught up to me, hooked her arm through mine, smiled at me and said with her Japanese accent, “We are two hot bitches.”

I stopped in my tracks. “What did you just say???!!!!”

“Two hot bitches!”

“Mom! Where did you learn that language?”


None of us, including my mother, could stop laughing. Mom gets mad at me for having a sailor mouth sometimes, but in this case, it was totally worth it.