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Day 99 – Tuesday

Ena - Day 99

Ena: Day 99, woo-hoo!  But also sort of boo-hoo.  I am having very mixed emotions regarding the conclusion of this blog, I have absolutely no idea how I feel.  At times I feel relieved – no more making the time to run around taking embarrassing photos of ourselves; no more stressing out while trying to compose the semblance of an informative, entertaining, and poignant post while doing actual work and getting out of the office on time.  But I also feel sad – no more forced self-introspection; no more blog to obsess over during down-time; no more photo shoots filled with hysterical laughter.  It’ll probably take a few weeks of non-blogging before I really come to terms with how I feel and before I truly realize the impact that this project has had on my life.

Alright, that’s enough of that.  As you can see, today I am once again wearing a very bright color (though, in much less offensive amounts) and I am once again wearing my black blazer (that makes three days in a row, in case you were wondering).  I really like this neon green-ish yellow tank top and I thought it’d be kind of fun to pair it with a black pant suit.  I accessorized with a beautiful turquoise necklace which was given to me by my Grandma – she made it and I love everything about it – and with these amazing blue and gold and mirrored sparkling bangles which were a gift from Bina who brought them back from India for me.  I have to say that I am quite pleased with the way that everything came together today; not too shabby.

Yesterday evening before leaving the office I had a minor mental-meltdown followed by a somewhat comical panic attack.  I don’t really know what happened, but all of a sudden I was fed up with my job which led to a sort of what-does-it-all-mean frame of mind.  Somewhere between the meltdown and the attack, I realized that I hadn’t felt that way in a long time.  It’s odd because I wasn’t thinking about the end of the blog or my life or my job or anything, it just came out of nowhere – wham.  I’m not really sure what it means or if it means anything at all.  Bina was here to talk me through it and I am fine now.  I guess I’m bringing this up as a way of pointing out that meltdowns are a part of life, all lives – including the happiest, the most successful, and the most passionate – and that’s okay.

Alright, that’s enough of that.  I’m off to volunteer!

Bina - Day 99

Bina: There were days when I wondered if this project would ever be over. Somewhere around Day 35, when Day 100 was only an idea in the very distant future, I definitely thought to myself, “What the hell were we thinking?” Actually, I probably wondered that more than a few times. I don’t think I realized how much work being “photo-ready” and writing about it every day for approximately 5 months of our lives would be, but we’re almost there! One more day! Uno mas!!!

So now that this is the penultimate entry, I am, of course, freaking out. Yesterday evening, as we were wrapping up our work and getting ready to leave the office, for some reason, both of us started to mildly panic. What does this mean? What’s next? Did we accomplish everything we were supposed to? What if we didn’t? Is anybody out there?! Of course, we managed to talk each other off our proverbial ledges, something we’ve gotten pretty good at, I must say.

My feelings about the blog ending are bittersweet. I’ll miss it, of course, but I’m also a bit exhausted and I need a break. And I am excited to take the energy that I have been focusing on my style-blogging and channel it into the new arenas I have discovered or re-discovered that I want to pursue. But more than anything, this blog has given me something that I needed for quite some time – a sense of purpose. What, I suppose, has been really great about it is the fact that it has been sort of like the gift that keeps on giving, like teaching a starving man how to fish. In this example, I was the starving man. And I’ve taught myself how to find purpose. Many purposes, in fact. I’ll have to talk more about all of those tomorrow.

And so, we ventured out for our next-to-last day of photos. We hit the backlot and waved to the friendly man on the forklift who always says, “Say Cheese!” when he sees us. No, really, every time. Ena thought maybe he didn’t speak any English except for those words, but it turns out, we were wrong. He just really likes to yell, “Say Cheese!” and occasionally, “Say Cheeseburger!” We let the tour groups think we were celebrities and snap pictures as they passed. We decided to just have fun and enjoy our time in the sun and in the spotlight. Because before I can even tell you about my thrifted psychedelic pink scarf and Laurel for Target mini-skirt, we’ll miss it.

6 responses to “Day 99 – Tuesday

  1. Maura April 13, 2011 at 8:18 am

    I for one am very sad that the blog is coming to an end…it has been so much fun to read and see the new outfits. And it has given me a lot of insight into who my sister really is, and she is great!

    As for meltdowns, yes – they do occur. I had one once that hit me out of no where too, and I was leading a meeting with directors and managers…I had to excuse myself in the middle of speaking and walk out of the room; which of course was awful. But even worse was having to walk back IN to the room and continue my presentation. You are lucky to have had Bina there! :)

  2. Cheeles April 13, 2011 at 9:22 am

    Cute shoes Bina! I am going to miss your blog ladies!

  3. squibbohere April 13, 2011 at 11:55 am

    but what about me??? what about meeeeeeeeeee??? what will i do without the blog? failed to consider that part of the plan, did we.

    the blog stays!

    okay, maybe not. it was fun while it lasted, though : )

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