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Day 33 – Tuesday

Ena - Day 33

Ena: Alright, blah!  Today is boring, or – to be more accurate – today I am boring.  Boring pants, boring top, boring accessories,…boring, boring, boring.  In particular on this boring day, I am so bored with my boring hair that I want to rip it right out of its boring roots.  That would definitely not be boring.  I should do it.  Maybe I will.

I suppose that today’s lone high note is my shiny patent leather mary-jane flats which, though I quite like them, I have not worn in quite a while (because I am boring) and which I am very excited to start wearing again.  We have been so busy at work for the past month that I have had very little time to peruse my favorite fashion blogs in search of inspiration – work can be terribly inconvenient sometimes – and my wardrobe is beginning to feel…well, more boring.

Bina and I have just made tentative plans for a thrift-shop outing this weekend and I do hope that we make it happen and that we are able to find some pieces to spice up our wardrobes as well as our attitudes.  One other thing that I hope to accomplish this week – which is why I am including it in this post  – is to place a call to the Los Angeles Public Library inquiring about their volunteer opportunities, something I have been meaning to do for a long time.  I am hoping that my fear of disappointing all five of our readers will help me complete my task and save myself from my boring life.

Bina - Day 33

Bina: The sweater I’m wearing today was a gift from one of my many cousins. I call her Didi which means “older sister” in Hindi.  I really like my new sweater, especially because it was given to me with such love.

I was on my way to my first Tahitian dance class today (more on that later) when I returned a call to Didi. She wanted to tell me about something her 9-yr old son, Abhi, said about me.  He calls me Masi which loosely translates to “Second Mother.”  I love this boy. He’s one of the biggest lights of my life, and he’s such a sweetheart!  I had called him over Christmas break in Texas to make plans, and when he hung up with me, he promptly turned to his Mom and announced, “I’ve got a date with Masi – better pick up some flowers!”  Too cute. I don’t know where he gets it, but he’s teaching my Dad a thing or two.  Upon learning about Abhi’s chivalry via Facebook – God bless the internet – he returned home from a shopping excursion with flowers for both me and my mother! This is very out of character; I had to check to see if he had a fever.  Needless to say, my mother was elated at the surprising little gesture.  Anyway, Didi wanted to share an anecdote with me about a conversation Abhi remembered from our “date.”  Abhi had asked me if I was older or younger than one of our relatives who just had an arranged marriage in India.  When I told him I was older, he seemed surprised and wanted to know why she got married before me.  I tried to explain that people are different and I haven’t met the right person yet and I’m not in a rush to get married.

I guess he took that conversation to heart because the next day he told his mom, “Masi said she’s not in a rush to get married.”  He had questions, and she tried to explain that most of our relatives had gotten arranged marriages, and that I wanted a “love marriage” which sometimes takes longer to find.  He was still perplexed and said “But Masi doesn’t need a love marriage because we already love her.”  Awwwww. (But I still don’t think I’ll be getting that arranged marriage.)

I had to hang up the phone to go into that Tahitian dance class I mentioned earlier.  Holy. Crap. What a workout.  It was like a freakin’ Shakira video up in there – nobody’s hips were lying about anything, they were just shaking and circling like crazy.  I needed some discipline in my life and this is how I’ve decided to get it – twice a week, busting my ass at Nonosina Polynesia.  I was inspired by my mother to sign up.  In the last couple of years, she finally found her passion – Hula and Tahitian dance – and I’ve never seen her happier.  It’s truly a beautiful, beautiful thing.  Though  I don’t know yet if Tahitian dance will be my new Passion, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.  It felt really good to dance again.  And I wasn’t too shabby for my first class.  I got the Bollywood hips down; I can do this.