Passionless Fashion

transforming our lives by transforming our wardrobes

Day 97 – Friday

Ena - Day 97

Ena: So, this is a tank top that I purchased for my recent Las Vegas trip to wear as a swimsuit cover-up as it is loose, light weight, and quite long.  Well, I got so many unexpected compliments on it last weekend that I decided to try it out as a regular, non-swimming related top.  And here you have it.  Not too bad, though it does look much different (and much better) in real life; I guess there are some drawbacks to using an iPhone as a camera after all.  Nevertheless, I do really like today’s outfit.

I know that it doesn’t look like it, but this outfit actually represents a big step for me: the happy mixing of brown and black.  Yes, it is a terribly outdated notion, but I have always – and until today – had an aversion to mixing the two colors.  In fact, as much as I love these shoes and as long as I’ve owned them, I have never felt truly comfortable wearing them; why are the soles brown while the suede is black?  Why?!  It has never made any sense to me…until now.

When I tried on this shirt in the store, I was surprised by how much I liked it.  Wait, let me back up.  When I saw this shirt in the store, I was surprised by how much I wanted to try it on.  There we go.  This morning, after shoving what now seems like an excessive amount of fabric into my pants, I automatically reached for my black belt.  But then I thought twice.  “Why,” I thought, “Why not try the brown one instead?  And, why not wear the unsettling brown and black sandals to finish it all off?”  Why not, indeed.

Amazingly enough the shirt, belt, and shoes are all the exact same shade of brown, so it worked out rather nicely.  And, I must say, now that I’ve tried out the combo, I think I’m hooked; doors once closed are now open.  You’ll probably think I’m making this up, but walking around at work today in my black and brown outfit I feel kinda edgy, a little rebellious, and completely chic.  Crazy, I know, but, sadly, true.

Bina - Day 97

Bina: I planned on wearing something completely different today, but you know, things, like the weather, change on a dime. It was chilly and overcast, forecasted to start raining at noon. (By the way, it hasn’t rained and it’s sunny now.) The mini-skirt I had laid out just wouldn’t do at all. So, as I was applying some mascara in my bathroom mirror, I thought about the options I could try instead. This is what I came up with. I put on my dress from Day 76, pairing it with more conservative black tights this time, and threw on a black cardigan and bright yellow scarf for fun. I accessorized and was on my way, fairly pleased with my improvised look.

I also wanted to wear comfortable shoes since I’d be walking over to be a Friday Reader again. This time, I was faced with a group of third-graders who were 90 minutes away from Spring Break. I decided that I wanted to read them Japanese fairy tales; why not try bringing something different and unique to the table? I read them a few stories from Peach Boy and other Japanese Fairy Tales, one of my favorite books from youth. A little antsy yet attentive, they seemed to enjoy The Rabbit in the Moon, The Toothpick Warriors, and Silly Saburo! We had brief discussions about the morals of each story, and the kids were very bright and always more engaged than I thought they would be. And the best part – the stories were Mrs. Kim approved! “Japanese fairy tales are my favorite!” the adorable Korean librarian exclaimed.

I walked back to the office, eager to get back to all the work I needed to finish by the end of the day. But first, I looked up at the blue sky and sunshine, peeled off my sweater, and inhaled. Things are blooming here in Los Angeles.


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